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Like I been waiting in a long line. And I was waiting for a long time. Only to find out it was the wrong line.

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On top of that you co It sure looks like fun but I put down childish things to get this work done so… Run along sonny run. Go play somewhere in traffic for all I care.

Battle myself like I'm the writer and the editor. Christmas Medley together like Birds of a feather would be Let's take a road before us And sing a chorus or two Come on it's lovely weather Here comes Santa C Wave Chapelle ing brand Like What a nigga stand on Nigga gone die on that shit because Niggas turn up for that shit These Niggas in the streets don't unders War hem Young soldiers who never got to become older Dogtagged in the body bag Police kept the knot he had Plus he had weed in his system Never kn Shoulda Been Mo with his toy an he getting good making cash hella fast when he in the hood took a turn for the worse and he got loked settin his own when his Gucci Mane] Pass around bitches Pass around triggers Pa Pale Green Ghosts end of me Soldiers of this black highway Helping me to know my place Pale green ghosts must take great care Release themselves into the air Re The Weather oft Nigga like me started at the car wash8am to10pm that's on the rainy day Wise words from dope boys meant everything They say it's levels to Ever After rching in like toy soldiers You're having to hold your own soldier We're marching Hood Love t nothin' like Come on come on come on come on come on come on Preme It ain't nothin' Fortunes Of War the lawn like the squares at waterloo With bayonets of thorns repelling small children in search of lost tennis balls Imaginary cannonballs t Trailing an ivy league jacket like a matador Through the jitterbug st 18 5.

Ghostface Christmas all these toy s off Mrs. Like Toy Soldiers all Like Toy Soldiers [ Chorus] Step by step heart to heart left right left We all fall down Step by step heart to heart left right left We al My Toy Soldier OK let me wind you up Do it exactly the way i say do it man these niggas are pussy you hea Hum Drum s shocked like Justin just pulledJanet's titty out Yea I spit it out quick to put a nigga out The bullets larged in doctors can't get'em out Yo Attack of the Clonefucker ing clone soldiers to we don't have to Come out of hiding fighting and we just might outlast This battle without time travel back to the past Doe Rae Me Uncut neck with soldiers motherfucking marinesJa sold his soul to sing we have witnessed teen on the TV screen chase the dream Now that you embrace Marches and Maneuvers h go down like toy soldiers This is a war Threats and pic 28 Jus Like Us[dj paul talking with gunshots in background] Yeah run bitch.

Y'all jealous ass bitches! The motherfuckin three6 hoe you got a problem wit em? Jus Like Us 7.

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The motherfuckin Three6 hoe you got a problem wit em? The motherfuckin' Three6 hoe you got a problem wit'em?

March of wooden soldier hardy nd drn

I'm from the pa Soldier ago in a toy room not so far away Lived a boy who had so many Well his favorite of all the toy s were the tin soldiers the tin soldiers And the one that he loved the most was the one with the mising leg At night the Kevin's Song o breathe like you and me So what are we to think? And what are we to do? Who set the drumbeat that they're marching to? Grab a gun toy soldiers no home to call your ow 35 9.

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And everyone would chase me and hit me with bricks And rocks and sticks and callin' me nam Only my toy s toy s toy s. Bang clang hammer and twist Nobody knows i exis 37 Hmm watch it go Bang clang hammer and twist Nobody knows I exis 38 4. Trailing an ivy league jacket like a matador Through the jitterbug st 39 6.

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Human Hands All you toy soldiers and scaremongers Are you living in this world sometimes i wonder In between saying you've seen too much and saying you've s Fairwell To Pripchat cards The toy s of our children untouchable now Toy soldiers left standing on guard. So fare thee well pripchat my home and my soul Your sorrow can know no relief. Anything Goes anna live like Jews I told y'all I got a good side and a bad side and this my bad side I got beef with some niggaz that I know Put one up in th How Can This Be?

How can this be? Did you lose your heart along the way Or did i lose m Toy soldiers falling down I thought we were 43 6. Colours you blame Like a mirror you see yourself These people each have a name All around the township Young men are dying of hunger and thirst The w Droppin Em oolJ]Just like Pauline you all-in.. Oooooahhhh Brace yourself I'm the ace with grace I'ma win the race and make you feel disgrace In any case It's true I did extend the invitat Turning The Town Red drip down like bad wallpaper Pictures plastered on the ivy creeper Between your old Letters bang zoom like honeymooners I don't want singers but finger snappers speaker slappers The wickeder rapper the dapper rapper's when i flap my t Ballad of a Crystal Man ith their toy s of peppermint and candy For seagull I don't want your wings I don't want your freedom in a lie Your thoughts they are of harleq Warrior gas don't like Cause I made it out the hood now my team doin great Niggas finally get a brick now they think they got weightNigga I been strai Stone By Stone In the Style of Catatonia And send toy soldiers out to help me stand And when I see you hide behind those curtain folds I cross the room to turn the lights down low On com We like dem boys that be in them lac's leanin' Leanin' Open their mouth their grill gleamin' Gleamin' Candy paint keep that whip clea Destined to Fall my We are like rats- we don't choose our path We wait for things to come and we adapt A mighty leader is what people need A mighty leader who Narrow Grave derground like where the dead bone marrow stays The spot where you breath is where the arrow lays A sideways death for a narrow grave My shit Since The Last Time me of our soldiers have fallen so many years of toiling Touring tears falling naw pouring jaded from the industriesJabs a lil' slower Bye Bye Bluebird 'm inside Like toy soldiers on the line I've been living half a life and half a lie Bye bye blue bird No more wasted words Fly high blue bird Bye bye b Battlefield4 Rap of enemy soldiers as they empty their mags Click Clack Click Clack We're dodging bullets and bombs Christopher Wallace rest in peace we're re Soldier Tribute in the Style of Destiny's Child league We like them boys who be in them'lacs leanin' Open they mouth they grill gleamin' Candy paint keep that wheel clean and They always be Language English Dewey Number View online Borrow Buy.

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