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Soon after being released, more murders start happening.

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Is Brian back to his old tricks, or is Dwight just trying to eliminate the competition? By the end of the 80s, the traditional slasher movie had pretty much run its course, the genre becoming too formulaic and over-familiar to its jaded audience. Rospo Pallenberg's Cutting Class is an attempt at sending up such conventions, but it's hard to poke fun at a genre that has already unintentionally turned to self parody, and the film winds up being virtually indistinguishable from the countless genuine films that it intends to mock.

Jill Schoelen stars as virginal and studious teen Paula Carson, object of affection for two ex-best-buds, overbearing basketball jock Dwight Ingalls Brad Pitt and creepy loner Brian Woods Donovan Leitch. When Paula is left on her own for a week while her father, a district attorney, goes duck hunting, she promises to behave, but with rival friends fighting for her attention, the school principal Roddy McDowall perving over her ass, and a crazy murderer bumping off her schoolmates, staying out of trouble is going to be harder than she thinks.

I know I did , but veers awkwardly between silly humour Paula's bumbling dad somehow surviving to the end of the film and genuine attempts at horror the killing of the school's vice principal , delivering crappy gore featuring patently rubber props and uninspired direction along the way. The acting also does little to improve matters, with future A-lister Pitt being unmemorable, unlikeable and offering no hint of star quality, Leitch giving an equally unimpressive turn, and a performance from poor old Roddy McDowall that can only be described as extremely embarrassing.

Thank heavens for the lovely Schoelen, who is as winsome as she was in Popcorn and The Stepfather, and makes the whole film just about worthwhile by simply showing off her magnificent butt.

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Learn more More Like This. The Dark Side of the Sun The House on Sorority Row Across the Tracks He Knows You're Alone Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Paula Carson Brad Pitt Dwight Ingalls Roddy McDowall Coach Harris Nancy Fish Crusty Old Man Norman Alden Officer Fondulac Tom Ligon Brian approaches, and Colleen insults him before asserting that Brian has a crush on Paula. Dwight then pulls up in his car and starts talking to Paula. He asks her to go to her house, as her father is away, which would give them the opportunity to be alone. Dwight then goes to buy Paula a hot dog, but he is beaten by Brian who hands her one and says, "You had that look.

They all then drive off in Dwight's car.

Brian and Paula nevertheless become friends, and she starts to trust him. Dwight warns her to stay away from him. A teacher is murdered in the copyroom, and the students notice that the killer made copies of the killing on the copy machine. The teacher's face is shown smashed into the copy machine glass along with a ring on the killer's finger.

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The ring belongs to Dwight. Soon they think that Dwight Brad Pitt is the killer instead of Brian.

Brian tries to kill Paula, Dwight, and a math teacher in the school, and the janitor happens to be around at the time. Every classroom they run into, Brian starts talking to Paula and the math teacher through the PA in the principal's office.

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Paula still thinks that Dwight is the killer, and she is still running from him. Soon Brian goes into the classroom after hacking the math teacher to death. Brian corners Dwight and puts his head in a vice and points a drill towards his face. Paula ends up striking Brian in the head with a claw hammer, making him fall onto a moving circular saw, which goes right through his torso as Paula rescues Dwight. They leave the school and are in Dwight's car when, all of a sudden, they see Paula's dad - he has been on a trip but in actuality he was the lawyer that put Brian in the sanitarium.

Brian had kidnapped Paula's dad, and he had escaped and made it home. Paula points out that it is her dad. He is on the road, but Dwight cannot stop because Brian cut the brakes earlier. They swerve and miss hitting Paula's dad. All he says is, "Shouldn't you be in school? You're not cutting class, I hope! The movie was received negatively by critics.

Film Threat , while not particular positive towards the film, called it "good campy fun with some of the dumbest scenes you can grab from a slasher of this decade. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For the song, see Cutting Class song. For the crime, see Truancy. Retrieved 20 June