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AIP's figures indicate that in the U. While much can be made of the nearly 2: Thus, the overwhelming majority of children of both sexes do not study physics.

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One implication is that, for most children, this decision is made before they have any interaction with a physical scientist. Thus, their decision must arise from whatever perceptions about science, whether true or false, exist in our culture. Another implication is that, even for boys, studying physics is a distinctly nonconformist activity. While the statistics may be less extreme in other fields, the pattern is similar.

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Girls are less likely to take the advanced math or computer science courses, where they are most likely to encounter an instructor who conveys enthusiasm about mathematics rather than routine skills. Although it may be acceptable for boys to be computer experts in the sense that it is not "unmasculine," such interests are nonetheless regarded as "nerdy," rather than virile or socially attractive.

At the adult level, although most engineers are male, it is also true that most men are neither scientists nor engineers. The societal perception of science as eccentric and nonconformist presents a challenge to both sexes.

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  5. But the point here is not that "men have it tough too," although that may be true. Rather, it is that women face a double social barrier because science is regarded as both unfeminine and nonconformist. Indeed, because of especially strong and longstanding social pressures on girls to conform, the perception of science as eccentric may well be an underestimated factor in its perception as unfeminine.


    We need to assure that more women have the opportunity to develop their scientific interests and abilities. However, there is an important, but subtle, distinction between this laudable goal and the suggestion that more women scientists are necessary to make scientific careers more socially acceptable for women. The acceptability of science as a career for a woman should not be dependent on the percentage of physicists, chemists, or mathematicians who are women.