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In one of the funniest and most moving sequences, Yul roller skates around the stage with such a look of joy on his face that the audience can't help but smile. Goldenhersh, best known for her work as Sister James in Doubt , is also perfectly cast, capturing Sadie's awkwardness, fear, and desperation without ever making her seem pathetic.

Essential Self-Defense

Guy Boyd also makes a favorable impression as Chuck the Barber. Cheryl Lynn Bowers has a strong presence as Sorrell, Kiff's mistress of ceremonies. Ray Rizzo and Lucas Papaelias make up the two-man band, playing drums and guitar, respectively. They're also credited as composers and lyricists, along with Rapp.

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The music, which has an alt-rock quality that occasionally veers into punk, made me wish there was a cast album to go along with the show. I have the hour and a half call back and "thank you for auditioning, but It's still a wonderful play though. It has rats and wolf men and bizarre poetry songs and a Russian and making out and a gurgling sewage hole in the middle of the stage and giant foam suits.

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I'll go see it. Oct 01, Bobby rated it liked it. I haven't read a play in a long time.

Especially not a modern play. I happened to pick this up at the library because of it's attractive cover then realized I had read and was fascinated by one of Rapp's Young Adult novels. Overall, it is a strange play inhabited by strange characters including a punk rock librarian. The majority of the dialog seemed intentionally pointless, but it had it's moments. Interesting nuances and quirks, but in the end a bit thin in content.

Essential Self Defense

Sep 16, Anne rated it really liked it. I liked stories witha cliff-hanger ending, and this play satisfied this expectation and more. In all of his weirdness, Yul is such a likeable character. I'd be excited to watch this unfold in an actual play soon! Dec 30, Colleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I keep re-reading this play and every time I find something new.

It is intriguing in every moment and I can only hope to one day have to opportunity to work on a production of it. Jun 13, Trel Robinson rated it liked it. Quirky and kinda creepy, this play actually kept my attention. A short read for a weekend afternoon. Sep 15, James rated it really liked it. Very funny and very difficult to produce.

Essential Self-Defense: A Play

Jan 13, Marc rated it really liked it Shelves: Weird, especially the songs, but overall enjoyable, different, original, lots of dark humor, loved Yul. Apr 06, Camille Andrea Tesoro rated it really liked it. I love the dialogue and hate the ending. Jun 26, Mr. B rated it really liked it Shelves: Interesting portrayal of the effect that we have on each other as we interact. What are we afraid of and why.

Jason Hensel rated it really liked it Apr 16, Rachel rated it really liked it Sep 10, Andrea Gail rated it really liked it Jun 17, Ellen rated it liked it Jul 22, Andie Bottrell rated it really liked it May 30, Julie Fogh rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Phong Pham rated it liked it Oct 17, Kyle rated it it was ok Apr 21, Alexandra Shields rated it really liked it Jun 23, Jesse Shade rated it really liked it Oct 07, Synge rated it really liked it Jan 03, Jana Hall rated it liked it Aug 25, Clearly, he has evil intentions for those innocent-looking eggs. Is he just a misunderstood loner or is he, well, a terrorist?

You'll have to read to find out While at a super awkward dinner party, he cautions the group: I think books are more dangerous than anything. Because they get at your thoughts in the most personal way. The author's voice is like a whisper that finds you at midnight.