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They relay a moral or lesson through the deeds and commentary of the hero-often the character who provides the audience with the ultimate perspective. All tall tales incorporate elements of the simple life exaggerated to heroic proportions, wherein the simple acts of hunting or fishing might become epic enough to merit timeless status.

North Carolina novelist Daniel Wallace , for example, incorporated a strong sense of the southern oral tradition into his sometimes supernatural, folk-infused work Big Fish North Carolina folklore is, indeed, a cultural crossroads. The communal mode of story crafting has resulted in numerous combinations of popular myths and beliefs to suit particular social or ethnic groups.

While the North Carolina folk tradition owes its diversity, in large part, to combining influences, its native storytellers help to boost its popularity within the state. The North Carolina Storytelling Guild supports the state's storytellers through various programs and events centered on the art of oral tradition. The guild's annual storytelling festival, held each November, attracts North Carolina storytellers as well as many participants from outside the state.

Chasing Ghost Tales in Tennessee

North Carolinian Ray Hicks is widely considered the "grandfather of storytelling" in the United States. His influence extended beyond his Old Beech Mountain roots, annually taking him to Jonesborough, Tenn. Hicks was credited with reviving the art of American storytelling in the latter part of the twentieth century, a movement he launched from his home in the North Carolina mountains. He strongly believed in the fantastic in everyday life and idolized his family members for their ability to weave stories out of their everyday experiences.

Hicks's stories, of which there are thousands, revolved around him but dealt with his alter-ego "Jack"-a nod to the folklore traditions he so deeply revered. The messages in his tales were down-to-earth, gleaned from a hardscrabble life in the mountains living in the house in which he was born.

Appalachian Tales

In a technological age, Hicks insisted on living in his ancestral home, telling his ancestral tales, and acting as a living encyclopedia of natural mountain knowledge. American oral traditions are largely indebted to him-not only for his contributions, but for the profile he set among North Carolinians and storytellers nationwide. Legends, Animal Tales, and Superstitions. My dad always told us this rhyme at bed time "Its time for the haw haw to haw, the paw paw to paw, while gently the old cow strolled home.

We lived in Wilmington, NC during the late 40's till the early 50's. Can you help me?

You may want to try the North Carolina Folklore Society. Someone involved with the group may be able to suggest a volume to look at. Here is the link to their contact page: Additionally, you may want to look at the multi-volume work of folklorist Frank C. Here is a link to the volumes on Internet Archive: Another thought is to contact the New Hanover County public library in Wilmington.

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Witnesses have heard voices, footsteps and seen apparitions in this vacant building. Can the dead visit in the after-life? The Stone House was built to withstand the Armageddon and beyond, the original owners believed for as long as they built they would have eternal life. The sounds of banging, whispering and other noises have been heard even when the house was vacant and some have seen the apparition of an old man.

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Incredible story, incredible experiences. A former coal mining town known as 'Red Ash' is home to an ft goat-man with a pentagram carved in his forehead "conjured" to protect the gated grave of an important forefather. A phantom train still runs the train rails tempting youthful thrill seekers to "race the ghost train" many have met disastrous fate adding even more casualties to an area known for death and ghosts.

Long ago a man fell to his death from a coal tower where witnesses still hear his voice through the car radio and some have even seen his apparition take the lethal plunge on certain nights. These and more legends are a part of the incredible Red Ash legacy.

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An old Mental Asylum in Knoxville is a paranormal haven for hearing voices, eerie songs from an old music box; seeing apparitions of an old lady in a rocking chair where the original asylum stood. Is it also home to a dark, evil entity? With a history of patient abuse, neglect, untimely death and satanic rituals anything seems possible.

The author researches haunted legends testing the haunt-ability of these locations, while proving that sometimes things really do fit the description of paranormal.

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