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The films were initially produced by Thomas H. Ince , many were written by the veteran screenwriter C. Directors in the series included Francis Ford and Jay Hunt. The films placed "Shorty" into a series of improbable comic adventures: In March , a newspaper reviewer of the latest "Shorty" film wrote the following about Hamilton:. Shorty Hamilton is a fascinating little chap who makes you want to clasp him by the hand and call him friend.

He is a gifted actor who can make you laugh or lift you to the extreme pinnacle of nervous anticipation in the same breath. He never over-does anything and his extreme naturalness is refreshing. The Adventures of Shorty is the name of a Western short film featuring Shorty Hamilton, and the general name for the series of similar short films it started. Ince, many were written by the veteran screenwriter C. Shorty Hamilton September 9, — March 7, was an American actor and silent film comedian who appeared in more than 80 films, mostly westerns, from to He was best known for the "Adventures of Shorty" series of two-reel silent films that were released from to Early days Before becoming an actor, Hamilton served six years in the United States Cavalry and worked as a cowboy for five years in Montana and Texas.

Ince, including The Great Smash. He was described as "an extremely likeable little chap who combines the wonderful riding, lassoing, cow-punching stunts of the true westerner with the polished, quick-wittedness of the New York society man.

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Life and career Rossi was born in Los Angeles, California. He was raised by his parents, also little people. During his childhood, he lived in two very disparate neighborhoods: By the age of 15, he was living on his own. In , Rossi graduated from Fremont High School. He joined the neighborhood Blood gang while living there. Blanco has been recognized for her talent, charisma and her ability to play different roles. Lua performed about 90 shows over a span of three years, for a total of over 1.

Blanco was also voted the most suitable artist for all editions of Capricho Awards and was the only person to win all the categories in which she was nominated. He directed films between and He died in London, England, United Kingdom. A farce in which a couple unwittingly save up money for the same thing. The Adventures of Superboy is a proposed TV series that was put into production in It was meant to capitalize on the success of Adventures of Superman, which went out of production in Only a pilot episode "Rajah's Ransom" was produced, although 12 additional scripts were prepared, should the series be picked up.

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It featured the first non-comic book portrayals ever of Superboy and Lana Lang and stands as a forerunner of later series Superboy, which lasted four seasons and Smallville, which lasted ten seasons. There have been several movie adaptations of the books. The film is loosely based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel Tarzan of the Apes, and is a remake of the classic film of the same name. The film was directed by Joseph M. Newman, and the score was composed by jazz musician Shorty Rogers. MGM would release another remake of the film in A fair amount of footage was taken directly from the version rather than being reshot, including scenes of Tarzan swinging on vines and the elephants' destruction of a pygmy village.

A scene of Tarzan fighting a crocodile was reused from Tarzan and His Mate, the sequel to the film. Other footage was reused from King Solomon's Mines. Tarzan's distinctive call was also taken from the original version. The "African" elephants in some scenes are clearly Indian ones with some sort of canvas "ears" added, and with the characteristic d It is the second installment in the Indiana Jones franchise and a prequel to the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, featuring Harrison Ford reprising his role as the title character.

After arriving in North India, Indiana Jones is asked by desperate villagers to find a mystical stone and rescue their children from a Thuggee cult practicing child slavery, black magic and ritual human sacrifice in honor of the goddess Kali. Executive producer and co-writer George Lucas made the film a prequel as he did not want the Nazis to be the villains again.

After three rejected plot devices, Lucas wrote a film treatment that resembled the film's final storyline. Lawrence Kasdan, Lucas's collaborator on Raiders of the Lost Ark, turned down the offer to write the script, and Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz were hired as his replacements, with the screenplay partly based upon the film Gunga Din. Influencer winners and nominees Nominations were announced on January 19, , with public voting closing on February 18, He played trumpet and flugelhorn and was in demand for his skills as an arranger.

From to , he worked extensively with Woody Herman and in and he played with Stan Kenton.

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Much of the music he recorded with Giuffre showed his experimental side, resulting in an early form of avant-garde jazz. The series aired on Animal Planet from January 16, to March 30, Series overview Shorty Rossi, a talent manager of Shortywood Productions, developed a passion for pit bulls when he was a teenager. Because of this, he created "Shorty's Rescue. Shorty enlisted the help of Sebastian, Ashley, and Ronald. Throughout the series, Shorty and his crew overcome many perils while carrying out their rescue efforts. Shorty's Rescue relies heavily on donations, so they host car washes, pet expos, etc.

In the season 6 finale, they return to see Shortywood has been destroyed. Rogers arranges a standard and then that is followed by a Previn original based on the same chord structure. This procedure is followed until the halfway point of the date when they reverse roles. Asterix or The Adventures of Asterix French: The series first appeared in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Pilote on 29 October Uderzo then took over the writing until , when he sold the rights to publishing company Hachette.

As of , 37 volumes have been released. The series follows the adventures of a village of Gauls as they resist Roman occupation in 50 BC. They do so by means of a magic potion, brewed by their druid Panoramix named Getafix in the English translations , which temporarily gives the recipient superhuman strength.

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  6. The protagonists, the title character Asterix and his friend Obelix, have various adventures. The "ix" ending of both names as well as all the other pseudo-Gaulish "ix" names in the series alludes to the Richard Steven Horvitz born July 29, ,[1] sometimes credited as Richard Wood, is an American actor and voice actor.

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    In the world of animation, he has voiced mentally unstable and neurotic characters. Personal life Horvitz was born, grew up, resides and currently works in Los Angeles. Later, he taught voice acting and theater at the California State University, Northridge. He lives with his wife, playwright and screenwriter Kristen Lazar Francis Ford born Francis Feeney, August 14, — September 5, was an American film actor, writer and director. He was the mentor and elder brother of film director John Ford. Lincoln and The Quiet Man Grace Cunard and Francis Ford are in the center on the throne, the young actress Gertrude Short is seated on the floor in front of Miss Cunard, and John Ford is third from the left.

    Francis Ford was born in Portland, Maine. He was the son of John A. By , John had moved to Portland, Maine, and opened a saloon, at 42 Center Street, that used a false front to pose as grocery store.

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    John opened four others in followin Jonny Quest also known as The Adventures of Jonny Quest is an American animated science fiction adventure television series about a boy who accompanies his scientist father on extraordinary adventures. Inspired by radio serials and comics in the action-adventure genre, it featured more realistic art, characters, and stories than Hanna-Barbera's previous cartoon programs.

    It was the first of several Hanna-Barbera action-based adventure shows — which would later include Space Ghost, The Herculoids, and Birdman and the Galaxy Trio — and ran on ABC in prime time on early Friday nights for one season in — After spending two decades in reruns, during which time it appeared on all three major US television networks of the time, new episodes were produced for syndication in as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera's second season. Two telefilms, a comic book series, and a m Miguel Sandoval born November 16, is an American film and television actor.

    He began working as a professional actor in when he joined a mime school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He later joined the troupe full-time and continued his study of mime. He began his film career in the early s. Though shows such as The Court and Kingpin failed, he found success with And it must be said that no other trumpeter ever sounded exactly like Shorty, who had a lively and swinging language all his own. His voicings for the trumpet section were similarly unexampled, and made any Rogers arrangement almost immediately identifiable. Rene Marie Russo born February 17, [1][2] is an American actress, producer, and former model.

    Russo began her career in the s as a fashion model appearing on several magazine covers including Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She made her film debut in the comedy film Major League. Directors in the series included Francis Ford and Jay Hunt. The films placed "Shorty" into a series of improbable comic adventures: In March , a newspaper reviewer of the latest "Shorty" film wrote the following about Hamilton:.

    Shorty Hamilton is a fascinating little chap who makes you want to clasp him by the hand and call him friend.

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    He is a gifted actor who can make you laugh or lift you to the extreme pinnacle of nervous anticipation in the same breath. He never over-does anything and his extreme naturalness is refreshing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Because the girls in the dance hall refuse to dance with Shorty, who is a little worse for liquor, and because the cowboys play a joke on him by having one of the boys dress up as a woman, he proceeds to shoot up the place. The boys see no way out of the excitement but to put Shorty aboard a freight train bound for parts unknown.

    Shorty comes to himself with a very bad head and the sounds of a quarrel in another part of the car. He investigates and finds a bum abusing a boy. Shorty interferes and gets the worse of it. The brakeman hears the noise of the struggle and attempts to stop the fight by drawing a gun, but the bum takes the weapon from the brakeman and shoots him.

    Shorty is accused of the crime, but the sheriff happens to be the boy's father; he gives Shorty money and returns to his home ranch. Written by Moving Picture World synopsis. This two-reel offering to picturedom written by William H.

    Clifford gyrates Shorty around the circle until it almost straightens out his chaps. His adventures are numerous and keeps the spectators on the qui vive wondering what is going to happen to him next.