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Take these steps to adjust your attitude:. Today's insecure leaders don't realize it's the devil tempting them to become rock-star preachers.

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Fame is too alluring. Before they realize it, their heads have swelled to the size of Godzilla, and ministry has become a means to prove their imagined greatness.

A leader with an inflated ego will have zero interest in investing in others. You must tell yourself daily: Young people today don't just want our sermons. They want to sit down for coffee after the sermon. They want to ask questions. They can listen to a hundred preachers on You Tube, but when you invite them to dinner, offer to pray with them or take them on a mission trip, you mark them forever. Older Christian leaders have picked up some bad habits that turn off young people.

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Some ministers preach with affected voices, demand celebrity treatment or manipulate audiences in weird ways to pretend they have a powerful anointing. Please talk in a normal voice when you preach so young people won't dismiss you as a fake. Be transparent, admit your faults and let everyone know you've had struggles. Young people don't want to follow someone who pretends to be perfect.

Pour on the encouragement.

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Many young people today struggle to stay disciplined. And many of them have immature attitudes. But you will never reach them if all you do is point out their faults. You have to win their hearts before you address problems. If you saturate them with the love of a caring father or mother, their spiritual growth will amaze you. Don't cling to power. Elijah gave a double portion of his mantle to Elisha. Jesus was the Son of God, yet He willingly handed His authority over to His disciples and told them to finish the job. Paul handed his baton to Timothy when he finished his race.

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Check out our eBook FAQs. Do you find it difficult to forgive and forget? Do you spend more time worrying about the approval of others than God's approval? With refreshing honesty and keen biblical insight, John and Lisa Bevere examine eight common barriers that can separate you from God's presence. Learn how to break through those barriers that come between you and your heavenly Father. John and Lisa Bevere also show you how to break through to Him to enjoy new levels of intimacy.

Begin to move on the journey and see God move in your life. John and Lisa Bevere are recognized worldwide as best-selling authors and anointed ministers. Lisa is author of the best-selling books Out of Control and Loving It!

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She is a frequent guest on Christian television and radio programs, and she is cohost of The Messenger television program, which broadcasts in more than two-hundred countries. Lisa and John love spending time with their four sons, daughter-in-law, and adorable grandbaby. What would you like to know about this product?

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