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Clotho spins the thread of life; Atropos cuts that thread at death; and Lachesis gives each person a destiny. In Grayson mythology, they're both more and less than that. They are in charge of all the magical, and they do assign destiny. They're also judge, jury and executioner. But they're nutty, and they finish each other's thoughts. In fact, they speak in a particular order and never vary from it. I thought briefly of writing their romance trilogy, and then decided that I'm just not up to writing about women who do everything together.

I worried that the unity might also involve their romances. I like writing off-beat stuff, but these novels are sweet romances meaning they have little or no sex on stage and dealing with continual threesomes—make that six-somes—really isn't what the Grayson romances are all about. I figured I could write that. Someone needed to rescue the Fates. And that someone—well, those someones—belong to the Kinneally family.

Yep, I decided to do a traditional romance trilogy about a nontraditional group of people. The Kinneallys all have magic but don't realize it, at least at first.

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Because, as I thought about who might rescue the Fates, I defaulted. My childhood heroes came from comic books, so our first rescuer is the person on whom Siegel and Shuster based Superman. Not Superman, but his template. But he is magical. And he got in trouble with the Fates long ago. Writers aren't supposed to have a favorite hero, but he's one of mine.

I'd be happy to meet Dexter Grant on my darkest day; I know he'd rescue me in a heartbeat. Of course, he wouldn't notice me. He only has eyes for Vivian Kinneally, who has just moved to Portland, Oregon, where he lives. The Fates find Vivian, hoping she can help them. She doesn't even know who they are.

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So they send her to Dexter. He knows them, and hates them…and that's only the beginning of Simply Irresistible. In Absolutely Captivated , Travers Kinneally and his son Kyle need to transport the Fates to the next part of their journey. Like all people in trouble in American fiction, the Fates need the help of a good private eye. Travers expects to drop the Fates off at Zoe Sinclair's office; instead, he falls in love. I have to say, my favorite character in this novel isn't human.

Simply Irresistible

It's Bartholomew, the dachshund with dreams of grandeur. Sometimes I have no idea where my brain will take me. The final hero the Fates need is the oldest of the group. Only no one can go through life these days being called Robin Hood. Although the name Rob Chapeau should probably be a bit of a clue.

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This man's been mourning his true love for centuries. He truly needs to talk to someone about it, and that someone is Megan Kineally. But Megan, a psychologist, won't take him on as a client because of the attraction between them. Not that he wants therapy. She's gets involved in the mess with the Fates because her nephew Kyle asks for her help.

To ask other readers questions about Simply Irresistible , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Jul 06, Holley rated it really liked it. I loved the author's take on the origin of comic book heroes as well as the Fates without their powers. I did think the book suffered a little from trying to wrap up too quickly, but it was a fun read.

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Oct 22, Chantel rated it did not like it. Kristine Grayson Ok, this is another supernatural romance, not really my cup of tea. Of course the main character must do what she can to Simply Irresistible Author: Of course the main character must do what she can to put the world back in order, protect the threatened fates and to return the fates to their rightful place.

The author doesn't do as well as she should with her menagerie but if you are looking for a light beach read and don't mind an easy romance, this one will be alright for you. I wouldn't read the book again, but I don't hate that I gave it a shot. Jan 13, Diana rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. When the powerless and hunted three Fates yes, those Fates! She ends up teaming with Dexter Grant, a mage who has kept to solitude with his animals for quite a while. I really liked Vivian and Dexter, and I didn't mind the storyline. A few things bugged me, though. First, the obligatory appearances of past couples in the series really annoyed me, as they were quite unlikeable. Di When the powerless and hunted three Fates yes, those Fates! Did I ever root for them or empathize with them? Not while reading this, I didn't.

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Secondly, I hated the way the bad guy was caught--it felt rushed and too convenient. And what happens with the Fates? That storyline was dropped abruptly, which I suppose means it will be fixed in an upcoming book, but there was no indication of that at all. Mar 05, Kieraanne rated it liked it Shelves: This was a cute book. These stories are light and fun with a delightful mixture of fairytale in the modern world. I read Utterly Charming years ago and was happy to discover there were many more books to the series that I had never heard of.

Granted I skipped a couple 'cuz they sounded boring, but they weren't really necessary for the plot or anything. Aug 02, David Macpherson rated it liked it. I wanted something light and frothy to read and picked this one up. Rusch is a fine writer and the story of the Fates of Greek Myth losing their jobs and being hunted down by other mythical beings was cool enough.

The romance in it is there because that's the genre. It was well done. I wanted light, I got light,.


Mar 26, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: This is my favorite in the series so far. Vivian and Dex make a cute couple and I genuinely liked them, unlike many of her earlier couples. I thought Viv and Dex's relationship was too hurried But other than that, a wonderful read.

Jan 16, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've been reading this series - light and funny fantasies - lots of sexual tension but not a whole lot of sex. They made me laugh.

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Sep 16, Howard Brazee rated it liked it. Interesting part of 2 trilogies with the same fantasy setting - one trilogy young adult with girl protagonists who were interim fates Greek mythology , living without magic in modern US high school families. The other trilogy is love stories fighting against an evil magician.

Curious about what happens to the fates, that part was unresolved. Liked the animals in this one since I have 3 cats. Oct 27, Heidi J. Fun, light paranormal romance in the old style this is NOT urban fantasy, nor erotica with a side dash of romance.