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This idiom comes from a series of movies by Paolo Villaggio, a comedian who invented the character of Fantozzi, a clerk who is incredibly unlucky. The saga of Fantozzi is a cult in Italian pop culture and the Italian language has now endless references to these movies and its characters. The movie is Bianca by Nanni Moretti, a movie director who, like Paolo Villaggio, is responsible for many idioms in the Italian language.

When it started, back in , it was intended as a satirical news show but it has now turned into something quite vulgar and sensationalist. However, the adjective attapirato past participle of attapirare has become part of the Italian vocabulary and it refers to someone who is embittered after making a mistake or doing something wrong. This phrase refers to the habit of making up words that have no meaning and placing them together in a sentence, making it seem very formal and intellectual.

It is commonly used to refer to someone who has told you something apparently polished but with no meaning at all. This idiom comes from the movie Amici Miei , where one of the main characters, played by Ugo Tognazzi, used this method to distract people in difficult situations. In this video , you can see some of his most famous supercazzole. The name of the character is Quelo, a new age guru who tells all kinds of absurd and stupid things.

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This is something we say when we do something and get a perfect result or when we show someone something that turned out very well. This expression comes from Il ragazzo di campagna , a cult movie by Renato Pozzetto, that tells the story of a simple farmer who moves to Milan, the big city, where all sorts of fun adventures happen to him.

See examples translated by are on me 2 examples with alignment. Quelli li pago io , Pearl. Those are on me , Pearl.

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I primi sei giri li pago io. First six rounds are on me. Parcheggio e benzina, li pago io. Parking and gas, I'll take care of. I'll take care of.

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Scegli un giorno, i gamberetti li pago io. Pick a day - shrimp's on me. Torta e gelato li pago io , omaggi di Cassie. Pie and ice cream on me , compliments of Cassie.

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No mister, questi li pago io. No coach, these are for me.

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