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The first music video for the song, directed by Adrian Lyne shows Alexandra Owens Jennifer Beals working as a welder by day, doing dance aerobics and exercise when working up a sweat in the dance studio still by day and a dancer by night.

She Works Hard For The Money

The video shows a woman, working as a waitress in a diner, who is burdened with many situations in her life such as work and raising two unruly and ungrateful children. It is also seen that she has abandoned her hopes of being a ballerina.


The protagonist is also seen dancing in the street with them. There are two version of the music video. One is the single edit, the other remains faithful to the original length of the album version of the song. Even though her name is always automatically entwined with disco, it was a sobriquet that she was never fully comfortable with.

And rightfully so; unlike so many studio-manufactured singers of that era, Summer possessed a pure, sparkling mezzo-soprano voice and felt that she performed her best on ballads and show tunes. Here are a few stories behind some of her biggest hits. After touring Europe with a road company of Hair , Summer ended up in Germany where she found steady employment as a background vocalist at Musicland Studios in Munich.

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Also, occasionally the lineup of women in suits looks like a Robert Palmer video. But, then, Summer is a musical that throughout seems to want you to have a great time but also slightly misses the mark.

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There is a moment early on when it seems like it might actually have something to say. Diva Donna is on stage, regal in an electric-blue gown and windswept hair against a black stage.

Remembering Donna Summer -- she worked hard for the money

Her microphone has some reverb in it, suggesting a rock god commanding a stadium. We were the future. It was the whole recording studio. Instead, Summer just settles for having a good time.