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Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers, The

To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. Paracelsus was a famous German-Swiss alchemist and physician, botanist, author of several ancient works on medicine, reformer, who established the role of chemistry in medicine. Born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, after some years of seeking medical knowledge he gave himself the Latin name of Paracelsus, meaning "greater than Celus. Its main focus is the alchemy itself, on all the traits that are supposed to make it a science, on its history and traditions and most remarkable characters.

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Calter, Paul Campbell, Colin D. Choronzon, Frater Christakos, N. Davies, Owen Davila, James R. Davis, Erik Davis, W. Dawkins, Richard De Laurence, L.

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  4. Fishbane, Eitan Fisher, Bruce S. Franck, Adolphe Frank, Daniel H. Giller, Pinchas Ginsburg, Christian D. Herbal and Healing Magic Category 3: Look at Hermes, Archelaus, and others in the first age: By this they testify that their enemies, who are your patrons, O Sophist, at the present time are but mere empty forms and idols.

    The Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers

    Although this would not be attested by those who are falsely considered your authentic fathers and saints, yet the ancient Emerald Table shews more art and experience in Philosophy, Alchemy, Magic, and the like, than could ever be taught by you and your crowd of followers. If you do not yet understand, from the aforesaid facts, what and how great treasures these are, tell me why no prince or king was ever able to subdue the Egyptians.

    Alchemy And Healing The Medical System Paracelsus

    Then tell me why the Emperor Diocletian ordered all the Spagyric books to be burnt so far as he could lay his hands upon them. Unless the contents of those books had been known, they would have been obliged to bear still his intolerable yoke, - a yoke, O Sophist, which shall one day be put upon the neck of yourself and your colleagues.

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    His father, a physician of repute, possessor of curious books and his mother, matron of a hospital. Theophrastus, born a year after their marriage.

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    Said to have been emasculated from infancy which accounts for his beardless face and feminine appearance and hatred of women.