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I am assuming… but just wanted to confirm, and ask for advice on temperature in degrees celcius? I am looking for a delicious plain vanilla cake recipe and I understand this stems from just that. By any chance can you steer me in the direction of that recipe??? I would like to make a mini cake and the accompanying cupcakes for a baby shower. If you want the recipe this one is based on, find it here.

Perfect Moist and Fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes

I hope you were able to make them work. Yes, you can use it for a birthday cake. I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful cupcake recipe!! I have been on the hunt for a really good vanilla cupcake recipe for a while, and I must say your recipe is hands down my absolute favorite. It is so perfect in terms of texture, amount of sweetness, and moistness, and I must say I have experimented with a bunch of different recipes.

I will definitely be making a lot more of these cupcakes in the future! I searched all around and settled on your version. I followed the recipe to a tee, and my cakes were dense and thick, not at all light and fluffy. I made two batches and they all came out that way……very disappointed. However, i made these vanilla ones and well, oddly enough, they taste similar to cornbread?

Not sure why, but regardless they all got tossed. I followed your recipe exactly and they came out amazing. It was everything you had promised…. They even looked perfect…. I wish I knew how to post a picture of it. My hubby and kids loved them! This is my new go-to recipe for vanilla cupcakes. The salt does add flavor. You could add some salt to offset the semi salted butter. I was so excited to find this recipe and try it. My only problem was they looked so beautiful coming out of the oven but then flopped.

Do you know what can cause this? My kids want me to make them again but because they flopped they were a little dense in the middle. I am thinking maybe my baking powder was a little old? Or maybe I put too much sour cream? I am new at this, so please bear with me. Did they have a kind of a sinkhole in the middle? You could also add another tsp of baking powder.

Learning the secret of pastry

Just wanted to say that though I am a pretty good cook, I am normally a below average baker! I have no patients for the science and precision required, however I really wanted to make cupcakes for my daughters 3rd birthday this year. I saw this recipe and thought maybe, just maybe this one would turn out OK! Thanks so much for your post, I will be happily baking these knowing that they will be perfect on the day.

I was just wondering if you combine the butter and cream mixture into the flour mixture all at once or cream it together and then add the flour mixture to it. You add it all at once. Just make sure your butter is fairly soft so that it incorporates better. Maybe this has already been asked but what have you found is the best way to freeze cupcakes? Huge party next month and would like to get a head start…Thanks!!

Any time I freeze cake or cupcakes, I wrap them twice — once with clear wrap, then again with aluminum foil. I absolutely LOVE this recipe. I have been trying out other recipes and my search has come to an end. I am wondering if you have a recipe for a chocolate cupcake? I have found one for a very rich chocolate cupcake but I am looking for a lighter one….

You could leave out the ganache filling, if you prefer. And still not dry out? I came across your vanilla cupcake recipe and I am sold!

See a Problem?

I have liquid egg whites and was wondering how many tablespoons of those I need to equal 3 egg whites in your recipe! I think in 8 inch pans it bakes for about 20 minutes. As expected, they turned out amazing! They are exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I know this is supposed to be a cupcake recipe and I did try the recipe the other day and totally loved it, so much so that I wanted to make this into a round cake.

Well, it was a disaster. It was quite odd. The sides rose up, browned really fast and were very dried out before the center was even close to being done, at about 20 min. So I knew it was pretty much over then. Any other suggestions or a vanilla cake recipe you highly recommend? I never had this happen and a little afraid to try again.

Did you open the oven too soon? Maybe the baking powder was left out accidentally? I hope it works out for you next time. So I tried scooping out the equivalent of cupcakes, putting that batter in a muffin pan aside and try that. Thank you so much for your recipe. I just won a cupcake bake-off at work. I added raspberries and white choc chips, and it was delicious.

I made this tonight and they were absolutely perfect! I cannot wait until I make the icing next. The first recipe I tried for a vanilla cupcake was doughy and came out tasting like a really sweet biscuit. This was a homerun. And can i use this recipe to bake a cake instead of cupcakes? Thanks in advance dear! You can use any kind of milk or heavy cream. And this recipe will make a cake, though you may want to double it depending on how tall of a cake you want.

The cupcakes seemed really yummy in the picture so I tried the recipe out. I had to mix it for a while to get the butter down to small chunks. After I had done that it seemed okay, so I threw it in the oven and set a timer. When I pulled them out of the oven, they looked delicious, other than some somewhat disconcerting holes in it, it looked almost like a mini sponge. The cupcakes tasted like cornbread. What did I do wrong? Am I the only one who had this issue?

I have to admit- I was so wary of making a cup cake batter without doing the traditional creaming of the butter and sugar as the first step. I did beat the liquid ingredients by themselves, then added the whisked-together ingredients dry in three batches, mixing a little after each one, but not mixing for long at all.

They turned out delicious. I was wondering if this recipe could be doubled? I need 24 cupcakes, so i would like to know if i should make two separate batches, or if this recipe can be doubled. Many people were sneaking back for seconds! And what if I use the whole egg? Will it change too much? Do you think that adding chocolate chips would work? The egg whites are just added to the batter. You could use one egg and one egg white, but it will change the texture just a bit. The batter is thick enough to hold chocolate chips well.

Your cupcake recipe is fantastic!!! I have tried so many recipes and failed so many times… I was just about to give up when I read your blog. At first I was quite skeptical… all in one bowl?? I The most fluffy and moist cupcake I have ever baked! The best vanilla cupcake recipe. While ihavent used your icing, the cupcakes are perfectly moist. I also love the fact that you can make them the night before and they are still so fresh the next day. Often, I find that some recipes become quite firm and not AS fresh. Have made them about 8 times already.

Any advice on how to have it peel off? But can I please check with you what is the reason behind of not using the egg yolks but only the white? Does it contributes to the fluffy-ness? Often American cup cakes are about a normal muffin size. I was thinking I would cook my small cupcakes for about mins. Are they mini sized? These are beautiful, nice and moist and still fluffy, awesome work!!! The icing is delicious too, thank you for sharing!

I tried five different recipes trying to find a great vanilla and a great lemon cupcake recipe, and this one worked perfectly, as did the lemon version. But the last time I made them, I used the full amount of butter, and they were much much too buttery. If I am asking a sacrilegious question do let me know… And I will search for another recipe, though I think I will try baking this cake when I next have the chance to bake a cake.

These are the most moist and fluffy cupcakes ever, I added some cinnamon for flavor and they turned out great, thank you! These actually turned out to be some of the driest cupcakes I have ever made. I really prefer to use the sour cram — I think it adds to the flavor and moistness of the cupcake. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous recipe. These cupcakes turned out the best. I substituted a little to suit ingredients I had at home. I used yoghurt and lemon juice instead of sour cream and 2 whole eggs instead of 3 egg whites.

Very fluffy and superb flavour. I just made these for a friends childs 1st birthday and I think I just tasted heaven! These are the best cupcakes I have ever made and eaten! Using this everytime to make the best cake ever! Thanks for posting this. The only part of the recipe I changed , was the use of egg whites. Put it all together in less than 15mins.

Baked for exactly 20 mins degrees centigrade for anyone wanting a conversion. They came out perfect and are really moist. HI, I baked them there were so nice and soft, after some days there are still fresh and soft but I have a problem after just 18 it was so crack on it and it raised up so much but after getting cold it was a bit down, I wanna know is it normal or not? These cupcakes ARE amazing! I keep them in a fridge and take them out for 15mins and they taste even better! Next will try to make it into a cake. I still need to work on the buttercream though. Any tips to make it smoother?

Thanks so much for the recipe! Thank you so much for your vanilla cupcakes recipes. I will be talking about it on my food blog as well. Love the pic but hate the cupcake my entire family of 5 kids spit it out. Boyfriend says the icing was good but the cake was horrible. Paddle or beater attachment? Also the butter, should this be cut into smaller pieces first?

I had some very large chunks after mixing. I googled to be sure. Which are you referring to? You could even melt it a little bit to avoid the pieces of butter. This frosting was cloyingly sweet. Had to salvage it with an 8 ounce package of Philly cream cheese. Even then, it was borderline sugar-shock. Two cups of powdered sugar would have been fine. This time I made it with salted caramel frosting. The only problem I had was that they still came away from the sides of the cases. Anything I can do to rectify this? I love this recipe!! Just wondering, if I wanted to add some chocolate chips to the batter is there anything I should do differently?

I just made cupcakes today for the first time. However, recently I got inspired with the possibilities, so decided to start baking cupcakes. The cupcake looked beautiful, perfectly round dome and golden colored; but the taste left something to be desired. If anything, anyone eating the cupcake would remember the icing but completely forget the actual cupcake. I was tempted to just lick off the icing and forget about the cupcake. I do have one question though, for frosting — I tried using a frosting pipe but it was extremely difficult.

Does shortening help with that issue? When you say you used a frosting pipe, do you mean you tried piping frosting? The shortening acts much like butter and can actually be replaced with butter if you prefer. I like the shortening and the way it stays stable. These are gorgeous cupcakes, I made them about 2 hours ago and they are a rich pale yellow color, very fluffy but not filled with air bubbles, risen but not overflowing, and so delicious.

Thank you for taking the time to make this recipe as great as it is, much appreciated, -Clare. Definitely moist and fluffy, and full of flavour. I did make a cream cheese icing from your banana cake recipe instead, and I decorated the cupcakes like cookie monster. Just made these, amazing texture and beautiful flavour, but mine came out of the oven in a pool of butter.

Might cut back a little next time. Not lite or fluffy. Certainly wont try this again sorry. While I did find some of the ingredients unorthodox for cupcakes egg whites and all-purpose flour, which I changed to whole eggs and cake flour the resulting item was grand. I was a bit turned off by the huge chunks of butter remaining in the batter yes, despite your note so may likely cream them next time prior to mixing everything.

All-in-all, thank you for this delicious recipe! This cupcake recipe is delicious! It worked out perfectly. This is hands down my new favorite cake recipe! What would you suggest I alter in order to do that? These are literally perfect. I have to say i never bake anything from scratch especially cupcakes. But I wanted to bake something special for my sons 21st birthday since he does not like cake cake, but he loves cupcakes i thought i would try to bake them from scratch and surprise him and his coworkers at work yesterday.

Needless to say they were not only a HIT with him but with everyone else. My oldest son and my husband who does not particularly care for cupcakes, raved about them as well. The birthday boy cannot quit eating them. So YES will definitely be making them again. Not only where the good but they were easy to make, and the icing was a hit as well. I am soo glad I tried them. Hi, I baked a batch of these cupcakes, and found the all went flat on me, I had to use self raising flour, do you this is is why, as the recipie says all purpose flour.

This cupcake recipe is not good. Could you make the icing ahead? If so, how would you store it? Wanted to see about saving time and making as much ahead of time as I can. Cupcakes are being made this weekend and put in the freezer until time to frost. The frosting can be made a week or so head and stored in the fridge. Tastes amazing and love the texture — all the other recipes I found were too dry. This one came out great on my first try.

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Hi I was wondering if I could use cake flour instead of all purpose? Would this cause a little fluffier consistency? Im looking to use this recipe for a cake instead of cupcakes. So I am in the middle of baking these cupcakes of yours. My batter is very thick, almost like a cookie batter? I am kind of nervous to see what they turn out like. Wow these cupcakes turned out amazing! They are so light and fluffy and just pure delicious! Thanks much for sharing your awesome recipe! I look forward to trying more of your lovely desserts. No boxed cake mixes, boxed pudding mixes, etc.

Just wanted to say thank you, and this will become a go to birthday cupcake recipe for our family. These look absolutely delish! I am thinking of making these and your Tiramisu cupcakes for a baby shower. Can I make the cupcakes ahead of time and freeze them.? And can I frost them the night before and keep them in the fridge once frosted? The cupcakes should be fine frozen if well wrapped and covered. I am hugely disappointed, ironically it took me a very long time to attain a decent batter like consistency as the butter refused to melt and mix in..

There were lumps of butter all over my batter. The cakes came out very dense, dry and bland. The frosting was so so, not great. Do these have a sour taste like sour cream?? It just adds a lot of moisture and a nice flavor — though not sour cream-like in my opinion. I made this frosting today and it is so good! Should the frosting be refrigerated? Will definitely be using this recipe again. Thank you so much!!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work. I love so many of your cake recipes so we tried this recipe yesterday and I had pockets of cake like melted butter in them from clumps when mixing batter.

Does yours all mix in or is there clumps left when scooping? Would melted and cooled butter work here as well do you think? This recipe does tend to end up with a few bits of butter in the batter. You can melt the butter if you prefer. Either way, they should bake fine.

How to make the BEST Snickerdoodle Cookies

These cupcakes are amazing. I made these for my family and they loved it so much, they ask me to make them every other day. Thank you for the amazing recipe. Could you please let me know what I did wrong? The cupcakes were rubbery and stuck to the wrappers. I doubled the recipe and did leave some butter chunks in the batter — put in the oven that way. The cupcakes came out in puddles of butter. Hi definitely keen to make the vanilla cake however was wondering what shortening you use.

I have never made cupcakes before… but I do cook a lot. I decided your recipe would be my first. I followed your instructions to a t… I noticed that the butter was super clumpy and then I remembered the baking showd where they cream the butter and the sugar first and I said, oops too late. I predicted that the butter chunks would never incorporate and they did not. The butter does not need to be creamed.

If the butter chunks were an issue, you can melt the butter prior to adding it. So first off … Boo at all thOse neigh sayers … This recipe is the bomb dot com. After all they are desserts!!! If you want a pathetic cookie cutter cupcake go to the grocery store , yo, and stop bothering masters of sweets! Thank you for your simple and wonderful recipe for an amateur like me! This is the only cupcake recipe that makes me feel accomplished when I sank my teeth into the products!

Question can I replace sour cream with buttermilk. I did that here. Hi , Im from Australia. Im not sure whether its because I had to substitute some ingredients such as the shortener with copha and also veggy butter rather than normal butter. Do they affect the form and taste? What do you mean by not turning out right? Too thin, too thick? I made them for my nephews birthday and they were so good. They turn out great every time! This is the only recipe I use for vanilla cupcakes.

So so so thankful for all your hard work and sharing this recipe. Ive been trying to ace a vanilla cake but they always end up over cooked and brown on the outside before its conpletely cooked and it always on gas mark 4. Can i use this recipe for a 12inch cake? If so what quantities do i use and what can i do to ensure a moist and soft cake that doesnt looked dark on the outside.

Thank you so much once again x. You could try it and see if you like it though. Both are lighter as a cake. I have to make 30 cupcakes. Is ok to triple this recipe? The butter was still left in bits making the batter a with small lumps. I was afraid of over mixing so I just left them. The lumps are fairly normal and the cupcakes should turn out fine. They are super easy. If you prefer a cupcake that uses the creaming method, try these out.

They have a filling and different frosting, but just make the cupcakes and use the regular vanilla frosting from these. I think the ones in the oven should be fine, but just in case. These recipes are wonderful! I usually do not comment, but I was compelled. My granddaughter and I bake every weekend and we have been baking your cupcakes.

In a bold move, I decided to use gluten free flour and they were still perfect. We had these last night for the Super Bowl. This was posted 2 years ago but I would still like to try and ask. I use all butter for my icing but I would like to try your recipe for valentines. I use a cup of butter and it is only enough for 1 dozen. Sounds like you might need two recipes worth of frosting for two dozen cupcakes. Can I add buttermilk instead of milk? If you are looking for a vanilla cupcake with the creaming method, I recommend the cupcake from this recipe. Ths is the perfect recipe! Thank you so much my boyfriend and I had been looking for a good recipe to use and the outcome was always not good at all, we were starting to think we were the problem.

Later we stumbled upon your recipe and it worked great! Thank you so much they were delicious! The only thing was that our cupcakes needed more time to bake than 18 — 20 minutes but they cane out great so thank you!

These cupcakes look delicious. I have a question about the sour cream and milk. Will they affect the texture or flavor of the cupcake? I hope to hear from you soon. I love your book, I received it as a Christmas present. I typically would recommend full-fat ingredients. Things can get gummy as you start to remove the fat, as well as less moist. I have made these cupcakes 3 times in the last month and they have been absolutely delicious every time.

Pasteis de Nata Recipe | Portuguese Custard Tarts | Leite's Culinaria

These will be the only vanilla cupcakes I make from now on. I was craving a light, vanilla cupcake and these turned out great! My 2 year old son and I have fun making them as well I love how easy they were! I have not made the icing yet, but thanks for a wonderful cupcake recipe. Hello, love this recipe! I have a party coming up though, and I want to make large cupcakes as opposed to the standard sized ones.

Do you know how I should convert baking time and over temperature for that? I would leave the temperature the same. Hard to say without me seeing it.

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I just found this recipe and am excited to try it. I am not much of a baker, so the easier the better! I do need to make about 30 cupcakes, so my question is: These vanilla cupcakes are fantastic! The crumb is perfect and the lightness! I did double the vanilla I am big on the flavor anyway and am happy to say that this now will be my go to recipe. They even rise perfectly as well! Thanks so much and great job!!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful ideas for making the perfect cupcake. I like cupcakes and now, I enjoy this at home I follow your steps for baking perfect cupcakes. Hello, I just finished making these cupcakes and omg they are amazing. I added a little more of vanilla since I thought it needed more. Still, they came up great and now I am just making the frosting. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am looking forward to use more of your recipes. Much love for Arizona. I thought it interesting that you put sour cream in your cupcakes, because my mother has a family recipe for sugar cookies that requires sour cream.

Anyway, you are right in saying that the sour cream adds fluffiness!! I recently made your red velvet cake for my mom for her birthday and today I used that recipe to base the baking time on these vanilla cakes. Maybe 35 minutes will be enough? Also I was wondering how long to leave a 9 by 13 inch pan in the oven for if I want to use that type of pan. So how much salt? I made these and felt there was quite a bit of melted butter in the bottom of the muffin tin. The cupcakes were also a bit stuck to the bottoms of the liners.

I am not sure where I went wrong. Any idea of what could have gone wrong? I baked them for 18 minutes. Maybe I will try your updated version with the oil and see how that goes. It is a fairly dense cake, just FYI. Feel free to refer to this recipe minus the cranberries. Lindsay I love your recipes, have made these twice and i do use two bowls, first time they were great. Definitely think creaming the butter is important! Your vanilla cake recipe is also a huge favorite! I want to try your icing, but wanted to know the difference between adding water or cream. Will cream give it more flavor?

Some might think that it makes a creamier frosting, and certainly the larger batch you make that could be true. I tend to like to leave my cakes at room temperature, when appropriate, which I why I use part shortening and part butter. The cupcakes would probably bake fine, but have a little different taste and texture, given the lower fat content. Life, Love and Sugar Prep Time: Preheat oven to degrees. Add butter, egg whites, vanilla, sour cream and milk and mix on medium speed just until smooth. Do not over mix.

Recipes , Sweets and Treats , Cakes and Cupcakes. Subscribe via Email Subscribe via Email Never miss a post - subscribe to receive emails! You May Also Like: Pumpkin Spice Baked Alaska. Stabilized Mascarpone Whipped Cream. Thanks making them now, they look wonderful, Terri. Although that might be a little too much salt. You made my morning. Will definitely let you know how my cupcakes turn out! Just wondering if you had a chocolate cupcake recipe to go with the vanilla? June 12, 7: Also, would this same recipe work for making a cake as opposed to cupcakes? I hope you enjoy them!

Is there any substitute to sour cream…. As its not readily available in my locality. Hi all, Has anyone tried making these using the whole egg vs just egg whites? I think they do kind of do that. What a compliment Lorna! Would there be any adjustments to the recipe if you were doing a sheet or layered cake? I hope it turned out well Tammy! I made these last night for a charity bake sale. They are very good. I am definitely going to try these! What type of milk should I use?? The vanilla cupcakes and frosting turned out splendidly.

Two thumbs up for this recipe! Thanks for your help, and for sharing! Use the same amount. Is that in celcius? It should be degrees F, so around C. Hi, I was just wondering do you use block butter? I hope you enjoyed it! Hi, I was wondering how many cupcakes does this recipe make? Aww, thank you Kimberly! I use regular granulated sugar. I also use salted butter, instead of adding salt to the recipe. Will it make a difference if I use caster sugar?

Loved the cupcake but my frosting did not turn out. Will try again though. Beautiful pictures and cake. Love the easy how to recipe. These cupcakes were delish! I will make them again one day soon! My family loved them. A lovely Victoria sponge recipe. I recommend adding 2 tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Excellent recipe, very simple, easy to make and tasty.

Used seedless jam and baked it at C but for about 25 min. Tried it for the first time and cake was perfect. Will definitely make it again. A very good and simple recipe for a yummy victoria sponge , it really does taste like a traditional home made cake your Granny would make even though I AM the Granny and I made it with my Grandson who made a lovely mess in the kitchen which showed he was having fun and I actually baked this in my bread maker to try out the baking setting it could have mixed it for me but I wanted to have the fun of mixing it with my Grandson so was a bit worried at first as it took a while to bake and was still uncooked in the middle but 10 minutes more baking and it came out A TREAT and would definitely use this recipe again if not ALWAYS: My first ever cake!

So easy and I made with my 5 year old reading the recipe and measuring out. The cakes were flatter and more buttery than the picture. So will try smaller tins and used bigger eggs. Or as suggested measure the mixture? I'm such a novice so not sure on the science of that But it's yummy and tastes of home baking and made some lovely memories. Think I will be able to remember the ingredients from memory.

Thank you for such a great resource. I've just used the shopping tool to order my ingredients. As stated I've brought 4 large eggs when the recipe is asking for 4 medium, and double cream was not mentioned on the shopping list, although it does in the recipe. Bit annoyed that I'll have to go back to complete the recipe list. This was an amazing cake! I loved baking it - I added a couple of drops into each bowl of mix I split my mixtures in half between bowls to make a yellow and blue Victoria sponge. I hope it's okay! Anybody tried this before? Hello, funnily enough I just have!