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The equally exquisite second song, 'Strange Form of Life', confirms this impression, but just when you're starting to worry that Oldham might have shaved off too many rough edges in the pursuit of a conventional pay-off, 'Wai' undercuts this anxiety with some of the most brutally discordant 'harmonies' ever put on record.

And so it goes on. A thrillingly straightforward country-blues paves the way for a couple of tunes sung in an inexplicable death-metal croak. Strange Form of Life. Then the Letting Go.

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I Called You Back. Love Comes to Me Will Oldham.

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Strange Form of Life Will Oldham. Cursed Sleep Will Oldham. No Bad News Will Oldham.

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Big Friday Will Oldham. Lay and Love Will Oldham. The Seedling Will Oldham.

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You don't find them, you choose them. And when you do, you're on the path to fulfillment. Verified by Psychology Today. I grew up in a wonderful, caring, loving Jewish family.

Yet we never talked about death. As a young girl, I used to crawl down to the bottom of my bed at night and try to imagine what it was like to be dead, to not be here.


I came home from school and the breakfast dishes were still on the table, which was unusual. It opened my eyes to facing death and understanding that life and death are part of a whole—insights I had always wanted to hear and had never found anywhere else. I started to meditate and became a Buddhist practitioner. Part of the practice was to reflect every day on death and impermanence. I wanted to be face-to-face with death.

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Not just on a theoretical or intellectual level but a level of What is this like? What is this about? As a volunteer, you visit patients regularly until they die. I started off going to see people at hospital hospice units and then in hospice care at home.