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I would conjure up other verbs, other images, other silent cries. It still was not right. Why a new translation of Night after 45 years of success with the old one?

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Elie Wiesel Cons The World has found a translator and now has large portions of the Yiddish book translated into English. We can compare the real page original to both the English translation from the French by Stella Rodway and the English translation done by Marion Wiesel. So, are these really errors of translation that Marion Wiesel is fixing for us? Or are they not simply problems for Elie Wiesel? The word or phrase being compared is in boldface. The springtime sun had spread its light and warmth over the whole world, and even over the ghetto.

On the Saturday before Pentecost , in the Spring sunshine, people strolled carefree and unheeding, through the swarming streets. Some two weeks before Shavuot Pentecost. A sunny spring day, people strolled seemingly carefree through the crowded streets. This is very significant because, as the story continues, it was later on the following day that the Jews of Sighet were forced to leave their homes in preparation for their eventual deportation: We were to leave street by street, starting the following day.

Wiesel was NOT correcting errors in the English translation, but changing the text to fit the reality of when the Hungarians from Sighet arrived at Birkenau. Pentecost was on Sunday, May 28, Some two weeks before is May On Saturday, then, the Jews are marched to the synagogue and spend the night there; in the morning, Sunday June 4, they board the train: But this is not only long after the prisoner number A—which Elie Wiesel supposedly received at Auschwitz, and still again, supposedly! Indeed, there were no transports from the town after May , according to official records.

But it was discovered by our translator.

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This is a very significant change, probably the most significant in her entire new English translation. This interesting passage is on page 27 of Un di velt , but is not included in the shorter French or English Night:. We had opportunities and possibilities to hide with regular goyim and with prominent personalities.

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Many non-Jews from the surrounding villages had begged us, that we would come to them. There were bunkers available for us in villages or in the mountains. But we had cast aside all proposals. Now we have April as the general time of deportation! So according to the timeline we find in Un di velt , Eliezer and his family left Sighet some time in June, while the calendar on their wall still said April.

The person who wrote this knew nothing about the real deportation dates for the Sighet Jews. Tsulib der engshaft hobn a sakh instinktn zikh dervekt in kerper. Erotishe instinktn , un untern forhang fun der nakht hobn yungeleyt un froyen zikh gelozn bahersht durkh di oyfgereytste chwshym zeyere. Ot der ershter rezultat fun umglik: Di shpanung fun di letste teg hot itst gezukht a veg vi oystsulodn zikh un der leychtster iz geven — an erotisher.

Di erotishe stsenes hobn nisht dervekt keyn protestn mtsd di eltere Yidn. Zey hobn farmakht oyern un oygn, zikh gemakht nisht zen un nisht hern. In moment fun schnh faln avek di keytn fun der konventsioneler moral. Mentshn hobn zikh getrakht: Erotic instincts — and beneath the curtain of night young men and women let themselves be ruled by their aroused senses.

And so the first result of misfortune: The stress of the last days now sought a way to discharge itself, and the easiest was — an erotic one. The erotic scenes did not arouse any protests from the older Jews. They closed their ears and eyes, and forced themselves not to see and hear. In the moment of danger, the chains of conventional morality fall away. People thought to themselves: Youth must seize the day, squeeze from it the last drops of pleasure. Les autres faisaient semblant de ne rien voir. The rest pretended not to notice anything. The others pretended not to notice.

The Tribe of Tsulib

Elie Wiesel did not mention this change in his preface to the new English translation by his wife, but he did give quite a lengthy explanation humorous to us in the preface he wrote for the new French edition. This is what he said there:. Thanks to her, it was possible for me to correct an incorrect expression or impression here and there. I describe the first night-time voyage in the sealed cars, and I mention that certain persons had taken advantage of the darkness to commit sexual acts.

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In the train, all the families were still together. A few weeks of the ghetto could not have degraded our behavior to the point of violating customs, mores and ancient laws. That there may have been some clumsy touching, that is possible. But that was all. Nothing went any further. But then, why did I say that in Yiddish, and allow it to be translated into French and English?

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The only possible explanation: It is myself that I condemn. I imagine that the adolescent that I was then, in the throes of puberty even if profoundly pious, could not resist such erotic imaginings, enriched by the physical proximity between men and women. La seule explication possible: Is this convincing, dear readers?

Consider that the narrator of Un di velt says exactly the opposite of what Wiesel tries to present in his new French preface: The Elie Wiesel of and perhaps the Hasidic rebbes had something to do with this? But he is directly contradicted by what are, we are told, his own words of fifty years ago: Yingl, vi alt bistu?

Zeyn pnym iz geven in der fintster, ober zeyn kol iz geven a mids, a varems. Nokh nisht keyn 15 yor , hob ikh geentfert. His face was in darkness, but his voice was tired and warm. I could not see his face, but his voice was tense and weary. This very important passage was discussed above. A sheyner April-tog iz es geven. A frilings-rich in der luft. It was a beautiful April day. A scent of spring in the air.

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