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Also, there's a realm in the Ascendant Plane that was made for a being aligned with the Light. I don't think we'll change sides, we will use the Darkness as a tool to defeat our enemies. We won't have a choice to become evil. We've been using the darkness for a while I don't think we're gonna turn to it though. We've fought by their rules and with their weapons and here we stand uncorrupted and even more dedicated than before.

Also that whole grimiore card where there's a ghost saying the things he wants to say to his guardian isn't proven to be our ghost. Our guardian has a character, and this is using any methods and any power to protect the humanity, and as long as traveler is with humanity he will be protected by us, thats why he chose us, and we are no usual guardin, as many others said drifter, saladin etc, we are brutal, we dont give any mercy to our opponents, we will use both darkness and the light in d3 leaks.

It might feel like that now, but what I believe is happening here is that we are moving down a path toward independence. Not necessarily away from the Light and embracing the Darkness, but an opening to both. I believe this is where the Drifter's story is headed. Let's think about him for a minute. He was resurrected early by his ghost during the Dark Age.


In addition to seeing how The Darkness had nearly destroyed all of humanity, he was also witness to the vile rise of light bearing warlords who used the powers bestowed on them by The Traveler for their own gain. He saw in many ways how the Traveler's many gifts are actually poison. That's when he was like "fuck this" and got out of the system with his crew and started looking for a way to fight back and protect himself. Somewhere along the way he found something that scared the shit out of him and saw a power that he knows cannot be defeated by Light alone.

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Yes, he is motivated by self-interest, but I think he also has plenty of interest in us and humanity, or else he wouldn't have returned. When he talks to us, it seems like he really could be one of your buddies. He's not going to blow smoke up your ass. He's going to give you shit and tell you "you suck" when you do, but he's also going to check in and make sure you're doing alright "how ya' living? He wants you to succeed and he wants you to be your own person.

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I believe the Drifter knows that the City is doomed and the Vanguard cannot stop what is coming. I think he doesn't have time for the idea that we need to be champions of the light because the end of that road leads to our ultimate destruction every time. Instead, the Drifter is giving a big middle finger to both the Light and the Dark. He knows we need every tool available, we need both the Yin and the Yang.

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We can't be tethered to one aspect, but instead, we have an opportunity to rise above both and become champions for ourselves, not some other cosmic power. And I think that is what Destiny is ultimately about. That is a pretty cool viewpoint, I have to say! That said, I would still prefer to remain with the Light, and personally I don't think it neccessarily means that we would lose.

Of Darkness And Re​-​Creation

But everything remains to be seen! A lot of this stuff is up to you - that quote from the Drifter is only if you grind for the Gambit seal. You really have to work for that, which is a choice all on its own. Also keep in mind that your Ghost can't read what's in your head, so your motivations and your thoughts are all your own. Whether or not we end up using the power of the Darkness is up to Bungie, but your motivations and your thoughts while doing so are all up to you.

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Don't be discouraged, Guardian! I hope that you will be able to choose if you want to use the Darkness or not, I hope it's not something that Bungie will force you to do. Because I do not want to use it at all! Well Destiny 3 is supposed to be more RPGish so it would seem you would have somewhat of a choice in choosing to embrace the darkness or not.

I think Forsaken is just supposed to be your character becoming a little more gray and than really choosing a side in future sequels. That would be very cool! I'm all for player choice, I would fully support the possibility of choosing the Darkness for the players who want to do that.

Yeah, you're not alone as far as I'm concerned. I'm not a particularly big fan of where this might be going for similar reasons, alongside the semi-related idea of "guardians act like destiny players do". I don't think Forsaken actually did a particularly good job anyway when it comes to this, if at all. Mara sov mentions a balance considering we are all light id imagine we'd take some darkness.

But i hope this actually gets explained like why do we need darkness? If its evil why do we need any.

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I'm not that's for sure. They better add some rpg choice elements to the game so we can choose whether to join the darkness or stay in the light. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. The Addams Family Musical. Hal Leonard Music Publishing. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card.

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