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This ghostly guide takes readers on a tour of more than twenty historical sites the supernatural tend to frequent.

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Chilling accounts of poltergeist activity include such landmarks as the McRaven House, where spiteful spirits smack guests without warning and an image of a Confederate soldier appears in contemporary photographs. A section on Anchuca in Vicksburg describes the vision of a woman in a fancy dress who floats through bedroom doors and the sound of dripping water without a source. An old grave sits in the middle of the historic section of Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo City, surrounded by chain links.


According to legend, it is the burial site of an old woman who, at the end of the s, got caught luring fisherman off of the Yazoo River and torturing them to death. No one thought much of her curse - until the Fire of destroyed over buildings in the town of Yazoo.

Witnesses say that the flames leapt through the air as if on high winds, despite weather reports for the area on that day not mentioning any gusts. Some said it was the work of the witch. Why else would the chains around her grave be discovered broken open the day after the fire? If you believe the stories, blues musician Robert Johnson became incredibly talented overnight - after selling his soul to the Devil at a crossroads in Mississippi. Little is known for certain about the life of this near-mythic music figure, who inspired blues musicians and rock 'n' rollers for decades.

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It might also be the most haunted place in the entire state. The remains of eleven, likely confederate soldiers, are buried on the property. Mary Elizabeth Howard, who died during childbirth in the upstairs middle bedroom in , is said to be the most active spirit in the house.

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Her apparition has reportedly appeared to numerous witnesses. Other former occupants who have made posthumous appearances are John Bobb, murdered by Union soldiers near McRaven in and William Murray, who died in the home in A photo posted by Kelsey missmedios on Feb 19, at Mont Helena, a colonial revival home in Rolling Fork, has a long-running reputation as haunted.

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Built as the retirement home for Helen and George Harris in , the home sits atop a ceremonial Indian mound in the Delta region. During its early years, Mont Helena was one of the premier homes of the Delta.

5 Mississippi Urban Legends

Locals recount sightings of a lady dressed in a white gown looking out of windows or standing in the front yard. The property has been investigated by the Mississippi Paranormal Society, with recorded electronic voice phenomena captured, shadowed figures observed and orbs seen in photos.

8 Haunted Places in Mississippi

A photo posted by carolinemobilette on Oct 23, at 8: The Greek revival style home was built in the mids and has been preserved as Faulkner left it. However, many locals believe Faulkner himself crafted the tale of Judith Sheegog. A photo posted by William Hoffman mardiv99 on Sep 25, at 6: Many local stories surround the history of this road in Waynesboro.