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The existence of these soils under conditions of heavy rainfall has been an enigma to scientists and only recently, through soil chemical and microbial research, has it become clear that there appear to be biofeedback mechanisms that sustain organic material in the soil. What is not clear at this time is what specific pathways led to the formation of ADE.

Long-term use of soil management techniques identified as 'slash and char,' the slow burning of leaf and other organic debris, appears to be key.

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This pilot study will investigate the process of 'slash and char' in homegardens in the municipality of Santarem, Para, Brazil. Related research in homegardens demonstrated that soil management practices frequently included 'slash and char' but the process has not been specifically investigated. The project specifically targets homegardens of long-term mestizo Amerindian, European and African inhabitants of the region whose knowledge system may still be linked to the Pre-Columbian past.

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This project with survey 40 homegardens intensively, conducting ethnographic interviews with garden managers, mostly women, and documenting the process of 'slash and char. Findings from this study will make theoretical and practical contributions that are potentially far ranging. It is likely that present-day 'slash and char' is a modern analog of past ADE formation, furthering ADE research as this analog can be tested against the archaeological record.

This effort has been defined by enormous productivity.

Amazonian Dark Earths: Wim Sombroek's Vision

Wim who is never far from any of our minds and hearts, would have loved to share the great experience of seeing the fruits of his vision as demonstrated in this volume. Springer Shop Bolero Ozon.

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