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Let's just say I want them to be together forever, and I'm gonna make sure they are in this story. Hope you like it! Conociendo a mi Seiyuu by evi. T - Spanish - Humor - Chapters: Always by Layla Scarlett reviews — Eres muy interesante Vega, mucho. Madly in love, inevitable, and having the rest of their lives together.

Just a little bit of a story about life for Vauseman, and how things unfold for them… Reviews, follows, favorites, and any feedback are greatly appreciated! M - English - Chapters: Story is good though. Happy Freaking Birthday by Lushcoltrane reviews Jade has a birthday stalker.

Lo que la princesa no sabe es que su padre oculta un gran secreto sobre ella. Goodbye For Now by vausefan reviews Piper Chapman has done her time. She ventures back out into the open world, leaving her raven-haired girlfriend behind. What will happen to their relationship as it gets harder to be there for one another? Vauseman, rated M in later chapters. They share their own form of celebration, because really, how else would anyone want to spend their night?

One Shot Victorious - Rated: Because finding the perfect ring for your girlfriend is pure torture! But the ring I need to pop the question is crucial Because I want Tori to say yes! I want her to be my wife and to grow old with her! Fake It by Hattiee reviews Haunted by her past, Erza Scarlet is hiding her feelings fiercely from everyone she knows. But maybe just one girl has the power to see through her brave face, and even save her life. Verbal War by 22CryzTitanium reviews Prompt: Both of them does a live stream and interact with their fans answering questions.

One question in particular made the couple debate for like a few hours, hopefully it's some silly question ;D Civil War Spoiler Alert. Their Simple Moments by frozenmango reviews A multi-chapter story filled with unrelated oneshots simply filled with Erza x Lucy.

Each chapter will have its own prompt, and stories will most likely not be related to one another at all. Requests are very much welcome! My take on the end of OVA Candy Boy - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Familiar by StakeTheHeart reviews Years passed between them bringing about changes they were unaccustomed to yet gladly accepted, but there were still some things that never changed. That was what made it worthwhile. Untitled NozoEli Story by tried-to-write reviews Nozomi confesses but runs away before Eli can reply. Years later they meet unexpectedly but this time Nozomi can't run away again.

Will they confront their feelings or will they just pretend that the confession never happened? So, Nozomi steps in to help them out in any way she can. Awakening by bub-jw reviews Will Jade realize how important Tori is to her? Opposites Attract by into-you reviews Tori Vega found out how much of a gay she was when she met Jade West- a mean Gothic girl from Hollywood Arts which according to her suffers from deep psychological problems. Their adventure started when Sikowitz arranged a "little" date for them at a sushi place called Nozu.

Jade felt the same way for Tori but she has a reputation to uphold. Will their gay relationship work out? Changed to M because of the extra chapter. Jade's Period by Mandajoy92 reviews Jade gets her period shortly after her and Tori begin dating and she doesn't want to tell Tori because of how she acts while she's on her period. Sorry about the subject guys, but it's fluffy! Please read and review: The equation of love is when there is you and me and no matter what we'll always be together.

T - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Fluffy Jolks with Angst? If you'll have me, I'll do my best to make sure our story ends with a happily ever after. You would never have to wonder how our story ends ever again; because it's already written. Forgotten Seeds by chris the cynic reviews Ten prisoners awaken in a failing cryo-prison on the moon to find that the world they know is gone.

Kim Possible - Rated: A long week by Uneven-Hats reviews Set after the 'Stakes' miniseries. Rated M for a short scene. I'm really bad at summaries. Cena Familiar by VincentK reviews Michiru aplica una nueva estrategia con su familia, resultando ser muy exitosa. Love at First Sight?

Rated M for upcoming chapters. One-Shot Sailor Moon - Rated: At Long Last by Ty reviews Hey guys! So this is the story of what could have happened between the end of Varmints and the start of the Stakes mini series between PB and Marcy. For the purposes of this fic, they weren't together before but they had feelings for each other that they didn't address. I'm new to fanfic, comments welcome, hope you guys enjoy: Rated M for next chapters. Hot Chocolate by Number54 reviews Eli and Nozomi stay after school to finish student council work while a snowstorm rages on outside.

Wanheda is feared due to her legacy of decimating the Skaikru, reuniting the thirteen clans, and saving humanity along with protecting the legacy that Lexa began before her death. Only problem is, Lexa's spirit is not ready to give her up. Or Love is not weakness and Clarke and Lexa are reunited by means of artificial intelligence. A new life by Bashabuttonstories reviews What comes after the fight? But as time passes, more and more demons of their past appear, and enemies that only want to continue the dismay and destruction of the death game.

This is a new life, whether good or bad, through the fire and the flames, they will prevail. Spoiler alert for the Light Novels! All is dross by Links reviews Jade typed furiously at her keyboard, trying desperately to get everything in her head onto the screen that she didn't look up at once since she started. When she finished, it was as if she were released from a trance, and she leaned back in her chair, satisfied.

And then, she looked up. Most will be T rated or under. If not, it will be stated explicitly so before the one-shot. Read and review my other stories too, maybe? Kim and Shego have settled down as a couple and now Kim is pregnant with a kid. Leave it to Shego's family to screw with her as Shego's mother shows back up and is determined to be a part of her life by kidnapping Kim. Needless to say Shego isn't to happy and this isn't going to last two days. Stupid Choices and Second Chances by Biggiewoods reviews Beca has been helplessly in love with Chloe forever but never had the guts to tell her.

After Chloe gets married Beca can't seem to bare it and cuts all ties with the love of her life. What happens after 5 years later when they meet up again. Will Beca finally tell her how she feels? Will it even matter if she does? I own nothing of Pitch Perfect. Rated M Pitch Perfect - Rated: Floating by niigoki reviews Bonnibel has been spending time at Marceline's house for a while, trying to avoid responsabilities. Marceline realizes something important. They're both glad the flow of time has stopped for both of them.

A little mix up causes a whole lot of trouble for the Bellas! Especially for Beca and Chloe. Au after the first 2 movies. Bechloe all the way. Just One More Time by Apples for Apples reviews After Ichinose Haru was stabbed during the final battle in episode 12, she is taken to the hospital as Tokaku finally breaks down after they take her away. But Tokaku cannot let it end this way, she finally figures out what she wants her wish to be. But that's not the case. Between lingering stares, lustful looks and awkward encounters. All the Bellas are beginning to notice something happening between the two and thinks they know what's going on.

After Beca's accident and journey with the surprisingly snarky but kind Death, the DJ finally wakes up from her coma. Chloe, along with the rest of the Bellas, help Beca deal with the ups, downs, and struggles of the recovery process as the pair soon face Worlds, their newly established relationship, and what lies ahead. Homecoming by Ultima-Matrixed Even after a decade of being together. Eli and Nozomi still love each other now, more then ever. And Christmas Eve makes it even more special. M rated though more romance here then my normal fare. Bechloe songfic oneshots by chakeroo reviews Bechloe onshots that pop into my head whenever I hear a certain song.

This is my first for the Bechloe fandom so please be gentle. Come read their love for each other! De tal palo tal astilla by evi. Brittany can't handle the behavior of Tyler. Anna is there for her.

The story takes from their first year until graduation with Nozomi's point of view. I recommend you to watch Season of Love Live first before reading this story. Added an extra chapter too which is slightly inspired from the movie LL. Let's fear dominates this terrifying night. Happy Halloween everyone Love Live! Cover art by tumblr user acawiedersehen.

Glimpse into how they finally give in to each other. For the most part it is complete but if people want a continuation, I'm sure i could figure something out. Rated M for language just to be sure. Rating has changed to T btw. Doctors Say I'm the Illest by redflop12 reviews Pure fluff moments of Bechloe and their encounters with each other getting sick. Mostly just moments of Chloe trying not to laugh at how sickness collapses Beca's badass reputation.

Includes fun interactions with other the other Bellas, particularly Beca's roommate Stacie, and Chloe's roommate Aubrey. Chance Meetings, Fate Anyway by imalistener reviews "You know, agreeing to come to this club with Stacie is starting to look like the best decision I ever made. Fallen by Iwentdownwiththeshipbye reviews Beca has a religious, homophobic father who has been abusive in the past, leading Beca to think she needs to have secret relationships.

Only her last relationship ended horribly and she's left to get her frustrations out by womanizing. Until she meets Chloe. Who sees right through her persona. Sweet, Sweet Revenge by jigglejuice reviews Beca and Aubrey are friends now and Aubrey approves of Beca's new relationship with Chloe.

But what will happen when Aubrey makes the mistake of pranking Beca at an A Capella party? Red Panda Zoo by IRAbramovitz reviews Emily insists on going to the zoo, Beca and Chloe have gone before and they can't stop the memories from returning and, in a way, reliving themselves. T - English - Family - Chapters: NozoEri Ficlet Collection by eri-loves-nozomi reviews the collection of all the NozoEri one-shots I will write, that don't have a tie-in with a specific AU I am working on. Most of these will be extremely short. May include other pairings on occasion. Beca's been hurt and can't find herself to fall in love with anyone because she's too scared to get hurt again.

A certain redhead could change everything, tough. Who will join Lucy in her new adventure? Contains some references to Manga up to Avatar arc. May change from T to M in future chapters. Soldier Wars by Jstonedd reviews AU. Can you handle it? Now with an Epilogue. Kotoumi, Nozoeli, Nicomaki Love Live! But Chloe suddenly dropped off the radar and a concerned Beca decides to find out what is up with the redhead, unknowinglly finding herself in the process.

But what was it? Chloe Beale was hesitant to call it love. That would be terrifying. But it certainly was something. Butterflies at the Mailbox by Chemkie reviews Beca had sworn she will never sing on stage again, even if Jesse and Stacie are practically begging her to perform one last time at their Christmas concert before they head off to college. But will a new, mysterious redhead change Beca's mind? Each chapter is based on a song in this 8tracks playlist: Lover Management by brighteyes29 reviews Hi, guys! This is a Bechloe fanfiction when Beca and Chloe are joining the research about sex, which Charlie Goodson started that's right, I'm mixing PP and Anger Management to see how perfect they are for each other.

Would Beca be happier with someone else? As always, happy end for Bechloe included. She'd had enough of watching her two obviously perfect for each other captains dancing around each other. The Letter by The-Breaths-of-Chloe reviews On their wedding day Beca gives Chloe a letter she wrote to her the day she barged into her shower. Very fluffy one-shot Pitch Perfect - Rated: After living through the worst day of her life, Beca meets an accident and comes face to face with Death.

As she ponders on whether or not she still wants to wake up from her coma, she asks herself, what if she never joined the Bellas? If she never existed? Death takes her on a journey to find out. It's Happened Again by eleanorkathryn4 reviews Essentially it is a drunken one shot I wrote last night, however I did go back over it today and make it readable to normal humans. It's a Pitch Perfect Bechloe oneshot with no specific plot. As I admitted last night, I am a horny drunk I don't get a person so I produce smutty one shots. Medicated Musicals by Doleesa reviews Chloe's on a little Chemical Bonding by Doleesa reviews It's time for finals and Beca's in trouble.

Naturally she turns up at her girlfriend's apartment looking for help. Established Bechloe] Pitch Perfect - Rated: How will Chloe react? Twitches by TheGrimLlama reviews Beca twitches when she's stressed The Red String of Fate by HypersomniacGrad reviews Two people connected by the so called "red string of fate" are said to be destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances.

This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This is my first try at Fanfiction so I hope you'll enjoy it. K - English - Chapters: Shower Time by Screefall reviews A Bechloe oneshot of them in the shower. Little fluff and stuff. Rating may vary in each chapter. Cozumel Vacation by chloebealehuh reviews Beca and Chloe go to Cozumel to get away on a romantic vacation only to find Chloe's ex is staying in the suite across the hall from them.

La promesa (Top Novel) (Spanish Edition)

Bhloe Bhloe Bhloe Fluff! Rated T for mild swearing and language. El Lenguaje del Amor by evi. Basado en "Love Languages" Love Live! Sleeping beauty - Erza X Lucy by Sledheadronald reviews Lucy is fatally wounded on a job how will the guild react? KanadexYukino Candy Boy - Rated: Photograph by muhrissee reviews Vauseman. Set after Season 3. My attempt at salvaging Piper and Alex. Espero que les guste c: Ignorance is Bliss by chloebealehuh reviews Beca sees Emily kiss Benji at the Worlds and it makes her realise a few things about herself and Chloe.

It's just that suddenly, one day. I saw you in a different light. I can stop dragons and armies, but I can't say three simple words. La cotidianidad de las mas famosas HIMEs es revelada M for strong language. Muse goes on a little vacation. Will contain mentions of: Warmth by revabhipraya reviews How could her body drastically get bigger only in one night? Did she drink the wrong medicine this afternoon? How do they take the next step beyond kissing? Maki in Wonderland by Appleshy-Fairypony reviews It was going to be a normal day City of Heaven by KaiserLuigi93 reviews What started as a normal job for Lucy to make her monthly rent money, turns into an encounter with a mysterious civilization and a wicked priest, who has his eyes set on Lucy to use her in dark and mysterious ceremony.

In this story Lucy and Erza are an established couple and have been dating for a while, so yeah there is lots of yuri here. Based what may or may not have happened during season 2. Please be nice to me. Please feel free to point out mistakes so I could improve. I dun't own Love Live Love Live! Nozomi suggested to play house to seize their boredom but not the common one.

What will happen to our idols? You Belong With Me by fall-in-love reviews Beca and Chloe moved in across the street from each other after graduating college. Chloe inadvertently started a Taylor Swift pun war, and Beca may have taken it a little too far, not that Chloe minded. Heat it up, okay? To leave a note, or not to leave a note? Visita sorpresa by evi.

Rated T for the one f-bomb at the end. Made for the Love Live! Yup, I totally nailed this summary! Lost In Her Eyes by Satsuki Takahashi reviews Nozomi gets into a feud with her family and drives to the next city to go to her friend's house.

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But an unfortunate thing happened to her. Was it really unfortunate? Or it was just fate being a little too playful with cars and hearts? Usually very fluffy, marshamallow lalala-land. Gay and merry laughing and cheese. Would you like cheese with your fluff? With some buns lettuce and tomatoes Shore by Siniscule reviews There is magic in the salt scented air of the seaside, and a smile from afar can arguably be more beautiful than the ocean. She asked her classmates who it is from, but no one was able to give her an answer. Erichi was late to class, and she couldn't find Honoka-chan.

Right Beside Her by fall-in-love reviews "When I look back on this, I'm not going to remember performing and competing I'm going to remember you weirdos. Review on what you think of this adorable oneshot! I'm bad at summarys, once again. I do not own Love Live! But they'll quickly realize that they haven't quite thought it through, suddenly setting something big in motion that will change the group dynamic permanently. Maybe Again by asb reviews In which Umi hates trains. But the girl sitting next to her might change her mind I'm proud of this one. Eli pays a visit to the library and stumbles upon an emerald eyed girl around her age when she drops her books.

God Eli, you can be so clumsy sometimes. A clumpsy adventure is about to start around Russia along with Eli's little sister, Arisa.

Para Elisa

The right place, the right time by LibenSR reviews When Eli found herself in front of the small shop of the most famous fortune teller in her town, she thought it would be fun. She considered it a funny story she would probably tell all her workmates about as soon as she arrived at the office the next day. Read to find out. Mai Otome is included. Sorry, I suck at summaries. I know I haven't been updating 'Atarashi' but I'm working on it. Season 2 Episode 1 by BiderSweet reviews Let's face it, Nico and Maki were definitely on a date during that one scene in the first episode of season 2.

All NicoMaki shippers should know what scene I'm talking about. Well, this story is my interpretation of what happened during and after their little outing in that episode. Honoka plays a small role in this too by the way. Slow Burn by Siniscule reviews Their relationship has been a slow burn from the get go. Until now, Maki hadn't been ready to take the next step. But now that Nico is headed off to college, Maki is desperate to prove that she's serious about their relationship. Being loved by the one she loves, what else could Umi asked?

One-shots tie into each other, though! Just one moment by Shadowknight reviews Just one moment can change everything between friends. Nico almost tells Muse some top secret information and Maki gets mad at her for it because that's just what Maki does. Basically, this is a simple little one-shot where our favorite tsundere couple fight and forgive. It can get a bit spicy but not enough to cause any serious burns.

There are some NozoEli moments too. My first fic so please be gentle on me. Storm in Love by evi. Problemas de amor by evi. Pure Love by broken19 reviews Lips interlocked and tongues intertwined, their exposed bodies brushing against each other's. Thank you all so much for reading and criticising, please enjoy!

Lucy's present - Erza x Lucy by Sledheadronald reviews It's Christmas time in magnolia and Lucy is searching for a present to give to her long time crush Erza. All my favourite Akuma No Riddle Couples mixed with a little fluff, crack and love! A Snapchat Romance by blaerofvalenwood reviews Nozomi is kept updated on Nico's relationship with Maki through Snapchat. Ten Years by Rinforzando reviews Ten years later, Nico is the super idol she's always dreamed of being, and Maki ends up becoming a neurosurgeon after all.

NicoMaki as clueless adults; canon-compliant. Melanie Milburne: Kindle Store

The Saturday of Roses by FairyTailfan1 reviews After high school Shizuma and Nagisa were separated because of forces beyond their control. But now it is finally Nagisa's spring break and Shizuma has taken time off work, read what happens when they finally reunite. Other characters will make appearances so don't fret those who love the others: D Read and Review and of course Enjoy! Roses by Yuniran reviews Nico wore a different flower in her hair every day of the week. Tulips on Monday, daffodils on Tuesday, carnations on Wednesday, irises on Thursday, lilies on Friday, roses on Saturday.

The cycle continued each week, a different flower for a different day. Although Saturday hadn't always been roses, until she met Maki. Scars by Dawnlight-6 reviews Haru and Tokaku learn there's more to life than survival. Series of interconnected one-shots set throughout and after the anime. Don't Go by Vahn06 reviews "It's been a month since the infamous Carnival and we're all trying our best to heal the wounds. As for me, I'm trying to figure my life out step by step while juggling my summer classes so I won't have to repeat a year.

Natsuki, Nao, Haruka, and Chie are spies hunting down the most evil man of all, Nagi! Their wives are home together and all of them are pregnant. Will everyone come home safe? What will happen while they're gone? T is for some action to come up later. Fortune Teller Lovers by YagamiShura reviews Nozomi always helped her fellow members with her fortune-telling. But, what will happen if she read her own fortune. She can't run from her destiny, towards her friends and to the person she cared so much. NozoxEli pairing, some MakixNico as minor pairing.

Short, sweet, and fluffy. My Angel by EtherealLightning reviews French homework, a heartfelt confession and a promise. Misunderstandings by nobodD reviews When Maki enters the clubroom, she witness one of the last scenes she wanted to. Or at least, that's what it seemed to everyone else.

So what does Nico do to make things better? Don't read if you don't like: Chikane No Tenshi by otomemiyakatsumi reviews A collection of wonderfully ordinary moments in Chikane and Himeko's new life together. K - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: When the snow falls by Sha22 reviews Tori's heart is broken, not metaphorically broken, but medically.

When she doesn't have the chance to recover, she just have one wish To spend the day with the pale beauty she has crush on, without the girl know that it's probably their last time together? Operation Best Halloween Ever by ScarletRaven reviews The idols work together to think of plans for Halloween, hoping to avoid a standard Halloween party. With 9 people speaking at once, maybe not. Some NozoEli and NicoMaki. Subtle RinHanayo and KotoUmi. Two-shot set in Season 2. Reunion by VSnow reviews "If we're going to see everyone to hand out their diploma's like you wanted … who knows what kind of things those people are thinking.

Making A Promise by Roxius reviews When Maki receives a vague and concerning text message from her lover, she hurries to her apartment to meet her, only to find three children asking her to swear her devotion. Maki isn't really sure how to take it, especially when she finds out that they're being serious. And then she meets the mother. New second chapter; currently just a two-shot. Please read and review! Akuma no Oneshot by NaotoTainaka reviews A collection of oneshots, may contain from fluffyness to angst about these Akuma no riddle's characters and pairings.

The rating may also change to M because of some adult content. Ciego Amor by Chiiba-san reviews Un inesperado accidente deja a una bella joven discapacitada, su vida amarga dio un vuelco cuando le llega el amor con tan solo sentir Just a short Kirsuna fluff fic I did to commemorate Asuna's birthday a couple days ago September 30th. You're perfect to me by Captain Criminal reviews In school everyone bullies Shizuru because of her weight. Natsuki is in love with her. What can I say more? Love, love and more love will be in this fic.

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Featuring NozoEri and KotoUmi! This series may be a part of "The Moments of the Student Council" but have similar things. They can still be read as a standalone. Adult Status by Liulfrool reviews Nozomi and Eri are in an adult relationship, well Things I'm Learning About You by marymin reviews Kido sleeps over at Momo's house, and they get a little carried away. Admit It Already by marymin reviews Kido and Momo go shopping and get stuck in a dressing room somehow. Someone who has faced the dark sides of Black Class. The torture, fear, and blood lust of it.

So why in all the depths of heaven and hell That I have to end up with 14 lesbians that are so gay for each other! And OC x Nio x Yuri. Cause why the hell not? One-shot, lean y descubran cual fue el resultado final de esta historia. Of Train Stations and Coincidences by seriouslydelusional reviews Sonoda Umi finds herself being attracted to a girl she once saw on the train station.

She finds it hard to approach her, so she settles with just observing her from afar. Despite her social standing and Natsuki's ignorance of her feelings Shizuru is determined to win her heart. Hard Heads by Woofemus reviews There was a certain denseness to Umi that Kotori had to admit was sort of amazing, but it made trying to be subtle harder than it looked. Disclaimer I don't own Mai-Hime! T - English - Humor - Chapters: Our Beginning in the Stars by frozenmango reviews It started with an innocent tarot reading from Nozomi, but as the day goes on, Eri begins to realize that maybe, just maybe, she thinks of Nozomi more than a friend.

Now with a second omake chapter!

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Black Out by Bad one reviews Nozomi wanted to have a sleepover with Eri for a while now but how will things go when lights go off and Eri's fright of darkness kicks in? The Heat Haze hasn't gone away, but they're living their lives happily. Although, dealing with a bunch of snakes and eye powers is nothing compared to being parents.

The closer they get, the more strange Jade acts towards Tori. But what happens when Jades old friends ask her over to dinner and Jade needs to call in a favor. Summer Tap by Woofemus reviews It's always too hot for Eli but Nozomi is also being entirely unhelpful with everything.

For Us, Forever by Leebot reviews The time has come at last. Pure, concentrated Shiznat fluff. Coauthored with Raijin Tora. Unexpected by Liulfrool reviews Everything in life is a little unexpected. She thought it was just another normal day in her life. Little did she know how wrong she was Love Live!

Furball by JustAnotherShipper reviews Nozomi was always a girl of mystery, and Eli liked that about her girlfriend. However, would Eli like the newest surprise she had in store for her? But that doesn't mean opposites cannot attract. Come with this lovely pair on their journey of love, discovering one another's different weaknesses and strengths, and overall enjoyment of life. Ends and Beginnings by Mypokemonpride reviews Ten years after Class Black and Tokaku finds herself in a situation that calls for her to do her last mission.

She has a time limit and if not reached, her world of sun would bleed into black. But, what does the mission entail? She knows she can do it, she was once an assassin, so a mission like this was nothing, right? It was the perfect night to end it all and finally Serenade, Part 2 by manekinekotan reviews A quick peek into the lives of Natsuki and Shizuru during their college years. These will most probably be one-shots unless I've stated at the top of each story.

Anyways, enjoy my attempt at writing Reviews are welcome! Chase and Repeat by Woofemus reviews All she wants is to see are those eyes with the beautiful shade of green that haunt her in her dreams. It doesn't matter if the world changes every time. She'll chase after her regardless. Magnetism by pSilence reviews Opposing magnets are complete opposites, and yet they are drawn to each other with incredible force Kido and Momo are likewise opposites, and find themselves attracted to the other like a magnet.

A collection of KidoMomo oneshots. Breakfast by Sky-Pirate-Tat reviews Haru and Tokaku's life together after the events of episode 12 time skip. There is yuri lemon. Silent Peaches by Tsundere-Sunshine reviews What starts out as a night of just hanging out turns into an argument that only results in feelings getting hurt. A small argument, but one that both sides feel horrible for.

Will they make up? A Fool's Journey by Woofemus reviews Constantly moving around made Nozomi think things wouldn't be any different at Otonokizaka, but that was before she met Eli. The Process by mikotyzini reviews What happens when Harumin tries to help Yuzu with her secret crush? Can Mei finally admit her feelings? One story, three point of views. Warmth by reflection-of-nothing reviews The warmth and companionship that she had long desperately forgotten since she kept moving from one place to another was now in her arms, in the form of a caring, loving and stubborn blonde. Might come off OOC.

Marked Territory by Sombereyes reviews "Tokaku, you have to be nice with things that are yours. If you don't, you'll break them. Card Captor Sakura - Rated: Say You Like Me by Aaron Raymond reviews Erza has never talked to Lucy but when they both end up the auditorium at the end of the day the truth comes out. Erza x Lucy, Mirajane x Natsu, Human! Lost in their own secret garden in the evening light, the love between Nozomi and Eri slowly blooms.

Will the rest of Muse succeed in bringing them together? Tutors in True Love by ASociallyAwkwardDuckling reviews Momo Kisaragi is a first-year high schooler who is in danger of being held back because of her bad grades and is very popular with everyone. Tsubomi Kido is also a first-year who is the top of her class and seems to prefer being alone.

When Kido is asked to tutor the academically challenged Momo what will happen? Or will bridges be burnt? Fight for you love by Shadowknight reviews Lucy has been felling a little over looked, Erza is new to the whole relationship thing. What happens when Lucy's Celestial Spirits get involved. ErLu Fairy Tail - Rated: Second Chance At Love by Aaron Raymond reviews Erza and Lucy have been together for two years and a simple misunderstanding ruins it all. What are they going to do?

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ErLu Some language, contains yuri. Don't like, don't read! They were always together and helping each other until Momo gained this strange feeling whenever she's with Kido. What if Momo realizes that she has feelings for their beloved Danchou? What is she finds out that all the girls in the Dan also have feelings for Kido? Love and War by TheWriter67 reviews Lucy never knew coming out could be so dangerous, but when she finds herself in a camp that is close to hell itself and finds a beautiful girl struggling, how will she ever escape.

Clinging onto a thought of escaping by death or faking her feelings, Lucy finds out nothing is fair in love and war. Everything has a Beginning by Emmaliene reviews Usagi is a normal school girl who has just moved to the Juuban district with her family and her cat. Her maturity level is well beyond her years and regularly surprises the people around her. What will be uncovered as Usagi discovers her destiny and a past to unravel?

Quirks by vievere reviews When your existence spans across thousands of years, there are bound to be some quirks in the timeline. After waking up one morning to find himself back in the 20th century, King Endymion spends a day with his teenage future queen. Smile by VSnow reviews Haru practically skipped around the room, clutching the script of Romeo and Juliet to her chest. Every day was a dream Really Adventures of the Sonoda family by Negitoro reviews What happens if Honoka gets turned to a child?

What happens if the student council lacked presence? What happens if NicoMaki became too obvious? Many side couples ahoy. Main side couple is NicoMaki. Playlist by Rikusuke reviews I'm attempting the song challenge. It'll also include other various characters and couples. The genre and length will vary with whatever song I get. There will also be some AUs. The drabbles are also unconnected to each other. While attending a party, Shizuma and Nagisa run into the legendary Seto Kaiba. Kaiba and Shizuma exchange words, leading to Shizuma to challenge Kaiba to a duel.

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  3. US Army Rager handbook Combined with, TECHNICAL MANUAL FOR MACHINE GUN, 40 MM, MK 19 MOD 3 AND MACHINE GUN, MK 19, 40 MM, UPGUNNED WEAPONS STATION (UPWS), ... field manuals when you sample this book.
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  5. In the time leading up to the showdown, Nagisa learns of Shizuma's past connection to Kaiba. Rated M for a scene in part one. Missed Call by Initial A reviews His friends had been very kind about letting him join their families for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners, but he was still just nineteen and alone for the holidays. Perhaps if the last few holidays hadn't been surrounded by Usagi and her insistence on giving them one-hundred-and-ten-percent, it wouldn't be quite so bad.

    Under the night sky scattered with brilliant stars that shine like diamonds, the love story between the ever-mischievous Nico and the prideful Maki unfolds. However, Lucy was drunk. Somehow, the little blonde had gotten everyone to play the damned game, but why? One-shot, featuring Erlu, Gruvia, Gale, and a crack pairing! Then Usagi fights a droid alone and is barely able to defeat it.

    Can the other Senshi put their hostilities aside and come aid their injured friend before it's too late? Stay there and find out! This story takes place after Sailor Moon R episode What Would Jesus Do? All week it seemed like Mei was out to get her. Her weapon of choice to drive Yuzu mad? She joins Fairy Tail, and partners with a certain scarlet-haired knight LucyxErza Fairy Tail - Rated: Song Fic Kannazuki no Miko - Rated: The Adventures of Mei and Yuzu by mikotyzini reviews A collection of short stories detailing some of the dates that Mei and Yuzu go on.

    Not all of them go according to plan, but they don't care as long as they're together. October 13, Sold by: Not Enabled Screen Reader: Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Segunda boda Bianca Spanish Edition. Placer peligroso Bianca Spanish Edition. A su merced Bianca Spanish Edition. Se necesita amante Bianca Spanish Edition. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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