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As their stress levels go down, their health improves. As their health improves and their stress goes down, they have more family time and balance, their relationships improve. Do the things that really bring you joy and happiness first. How do you do that and still create wealth in your life and still deal with responsibility?

I help them make sure that their blocking and tackling of their baseline finances are in good order. Because once someone has a basic understanding of cash flow, assets and liabilities, taxes, estate planning—which are kind of the baseline four—then we can start moving up that Maslow pyramid to start working toward areas of self-actualization. Can you talk to how having a healthy relationship with money can actually be in support of your spiritual path and the spiritual dimension of love? Gold bullion is just gold that we put a monetary value to. When we think about value, value is really energy.

Instead, the spiritual integration with money is more about how that energy can flow through you into the world and make a positive difference and help others.

The spiritual framework around money is really about creating value by being of service to others. And, when you are leveraging your gifts and being of service to others in your own unique way, then money will be a by-product of that, rather than saying: In that same vein of thinking, is worthiness, which you mentioned earlier, a by product as well?

So how does this tie in to life purpose? A lot of people make their money just being driven by wealth. But, after a certain point, after you make enough money, then what? The best part is that when we have them look at the intersection of the four categories from the exercise—where their gifts intersect with their skills and education, what their greatest passion is and what they believe the world needs most—that intersection is their inspired life purpose.

The one that has always been knocking on the door inside your soul. Return on purpose is an important dimension of wealth when we look at our Conscious Wealth assessment. Return on purpose instead of return on investment. So, the more you align with your purpose, the more return you get? I would just encourage people to realize that you can be in expression of your purpose and be wealthy. I love this idea, especially with the new paradigm emerging from the way that society is restructuring itself with the Internet.

You can have a knitting store selling little personalized mittens for children and be a millionaire! I see it as such a tremendous opportunity for you to finally say what is uniquely you and ask how can you bring that into and a place that you really care about. And you guys are a great example of that by the way! And Millennials want to work for a company that they believe is doing something good for the world. How do I want to live? And, by the way, I will find a way to make my career blend into that lifestyle! What is Financial Evolution and how does that play into everything?

What is the Fifth Dimension?

When we take a look at investing, it used to be that people invested just for a return, and they wanted to maximize return. Companies are taking note, and now companies are really cleaning up their practices because they realize not only their investors but then also the consumers really care more about the products they are buying.

They look at labels and they wonder is this an organic product or is this made chemical-free?

Companies are waking up to a greater level of consciousness because of investment influences and consumer influences. When we look at definitions of success, it used to be that material success was the greatest—the Porsche and the Ferrari and the boat and the mansion—that was how someone was successful. Even in my career, in the financial services world, it used to be that advice was solely based on investment decisions, cash flow planning, taxes, estate planning, insurance.

Now advisors are starting to measure these holistic metrics. Having been on both sides of the coin, where, at first, financing business was just this super-complex, obtuse thing; it seemed hard and expensive to play with and risky. Taken out to a practical level—this might seem like a basic question for someone who is running a wealth management company—how can someone get started? But when it comes to really building their personal wealth in the traditional financial sense, they put very little thought.

The first step is to have a dedicated practice to your wealth—the same way you have a dedicated practice to meditation or to your yoga practice. You have to have a dedicated practice in which you first sit and visualize what you want from your life—as far as lifestyle, as far as the types of investments you want to make, as far as the type of home you want to live in—you know, really visualize your life. Step two is making an honest assessment of where you are at today. How is my career tracking? Am I maximizing my career opportunities in my current role with my current company?

How am I doing with my debts, with my savings, with my investments? It comes down to kaizen: From a smart standpoint, tax-wise, you want to take advantage of pretax or tax-free type of growth vehicles. Now that you know how to invest in a smart fashion, you then ask: Once you have that type of piece in place, then you can ask: It comes down to simple steps; but it really begins with taking time to visualize, making it a priority, and then breaking it down into simple, action items the same way you would if you were trying to change your diet or begin a yoga practice.

So many people just ignore finances, especially conscious people because money has got so much stigma around it. Without guidance, without having gone to school for it, it could be a little intimidating.

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There are also a lot of online robo-advisors available today. You could do this all from the comforts of your home and be able to have professionally managed money much cheaper than ever before. The thing that I would encourage people to think about is not just their financial assets but that we all have a lot of forms of assets. We need to protect what we have reached and make it even more to be prepared for worse times.

In the third dimension, we are thinking negative thoughts and we are mistrusting everyone and everything. We have the choice to act as saints or demons. That is actually the only choice we have: That is actually the only choice we have on this plane: That is what free-will allows us. As long as we are choosing fear, we are repeating our experiences and patterns until we learn to choose love.

That is the beauty of the third dimension. Once we learn to choose love permanently , we come to enlightenment as our frequency raises significantly. We learn to let our heart and soul take over the lead in transforming our ego into a free spirit. We learn how the universal energies work and how we can create our reality. We understand that we had the steering wheel in front of us all the time.

We just did not see it. We learn that there are no victims or perpetrators. There are only teachers that help us grow. We do not have to wait until we die to go into the light. We can do that while being in a human body. The fourth dimension is the dream world. It is also called the Astral Plane. It is a dimension that is less dense and much more fluid than the third dimension, but still has only one timeline reality , hosts the illusion of duality and the ego and thus fear is able to exist also here.

But linear time becomes a lot more fluid here. Imagine it to be a stream of energy hosting all events of one particular timeline — the same timeline that is available in the third dimension. We usually visit this plane naturally during the night. Here, in our dream states, anything is possible. A mouse can be transformed into a lion, we can fly or breathe under water, we can be in many places at the same time and have conversations with the weirdest creatures. We can travel into the past and into the future.

Experienced astral travellers are able to access this plane also during the day. This is the plane that shamans and ancient civilisations travelled to, to find out more and connect to the spiritual realms. These journeys gave them access to the underworld and the upper world. Many of them used drugs and special trance ceremonies to get there. Depending on the energetic vibration of people, traveling in the astral plane can be a very loving and exciting or a very scary and fearful experience. Spiritual drugs will never take us above the fourth dimension.

Nevertheless, traveling the astral plane can be very insightful to learn more about ourselves, about our purpose and also about our fears as we can get into close exchange with our higher self here. No matter how far we travel in this dimension, we always stay in this particular timeline. On this plane it is also possible to tap into the collective consciousness and learn more from there.

The 12 Dimensions of Consciousness

The astral realm is a place where light and darkness come into conflict easily. Dark magic has its place here, dreamwalkers for example can influence us on this plane easily when we are still full of fear and have not learned yet to set healthy energetic boundaries, i. Most people do not remember their astral experiences consciously, which makes it even harder to detect energetic manipulations. On this plane, we can protect us only by applying the energetic universal laws, as there ar no human laws or regulations for control.

The fourth dimension connects darkness and light. People of higher frequency are not experiencing the astral plane consciously at all. Higher frequency people often experience an unexplainable fatigue during their whole 3D existence, because the difference between the dense 3D frequencies and the much lighter 5D frequencies causes a permanent friction and the body has a hard time to deal with it. A lot of higher frequency people look back on alcohol and drug careers because they are not able to cope with the density well and they are denying their spiritual gifts and talents.

They just want to be normal and fit in at an earlier stage of their life. Drugs and alcohol are of much lower frequency than their bodies, that can cause permanent anxieties and depression. Higher frequency people do not experience nightmares. They can have panic attacks and thought spirals before going to sleep or when they are half awake dozing, but their dreams, if they remember them at all, are taking place in 5D and above. Those dreams cannot contain fear or darkness, as those are the planes of unconditional love.

They are experiencing their ascension differently, in a much more subtle, heartfelt way. Once their awakening is initiated and they open up to their spirituality, the process usually happens faster than average, and they cleanse the 3D programming quite quickly as their system wants to return to its natural frequency as quickly as possible, once initiated.

They are usually claircognizant — meaning that all of a sudden they know things without knowing why. That is because they have access to other timelines and dimensions. Usually that happens unconsciously. They simply lose a few minutes and feel cold and confused after such an experience. There is no better or worse of being of high frequency or not. The experiences are simply different. Of all the higher dimensions, the fifth dimension is the last one of pure light and unconditional love, i.

Source energy on the way down, before entering the realms of limitations and duality. Physical existence is still possible on this plane, although the body is lighter and of a different cellular structure. When the physical body is fully transformed into this structure, there is no pain. Further, there is no fear. It is the plane of unconditional love and abundance, manifest in the physical. Our higher self has been fully integrated into our physical body and has taken over the guidance.

3D, 4D and 5D – The Dimensions and their Differences

This feels very differently from just channeling the higher self. The first time your higher self moves into the physical body fully is quite overwhelming. It is an intense energetic flow of unconditional love and everything feels light and at ease.

Rupert Sheldrake - Is The Sun Conscious?

Before the higher self can be fully anchored into the physical body, the healing of all bodies the mental, the emotional and the physical has to be completed. You will know when your higher self is integrated, when you do not question the universal flow and simply trust your journey. In the fifth dimension, all of our actions are based on love. It is the plane of oneness, where we feel the connection to everyone and everything around us, including the holy Source energy.

In the fifth dimension, we live in Unity Consciousness, but still recognize ourselves as individuals as part of the whole. We do not feel that we get information from guides, angels or star family through channeling anymore. Now it comes much more intuitively and subtle from within as we have become ONE with all that is. In the beginning it feels as if we were disconnected until we get used to this new way of being connected.

On this plane, we remember who we truly are and are aware of our eternal soul. In 5D everything comes without an effort as we have rediscovered that the Universal energetic flow always guides us perfectly. There are no limits. We live in complete freedom and authenticity. As there is no fear, there is no aging and no illnesses. We live as long as we want, until we decide to leave the body.

This happens smoothly and without any pain. We connect through our hearts and can feel the connection and love instantly. Living in 5D means living from the heart. In the fifth dimension, our sexual desires change as we have reached our internal balance between the masculine and feminine energies. We have become androgyneous energetically. Sexual energies can be experienced without physical contact with others. They can be created by the individual. Therefore, sex does not happen out of neediness or lust anymore, but becomes a sharing between two whole people that resonate on the same energetic level.

Or it is experienced alone and is just as beautiful. In addition, the Third energy, the Divine energy is part of this experience and sexuality becomes the holy trinity in perfect equilibrium. It is the most powerful energy of creation. To keep people from discovering their true creative power. Once someone has raised the own frequency onto a 5D level, the return to the lower dimensions is not possible anymore, unless the soul chooses it consciously.

This was the choice a lot of star seeds and angelic beings took to help humanity ascend. People in 5D are immune to low frequencies as there is no resonance. They do not attract any darkness and live in the light exclusively. They cannot be seen by people in 3D if they have not already started their own ascension process and are open to the higher frequencies. That is when duality and linear time are dissolving and all there is left is a life in the NOW.

All experiences are embraced with gratitude, as the soul knows that everything has its purpose for the own growth and expansion of consciousness. Contact to extra terrestrials and angelic beings becomes easy and is integrated in the daily experience. We receive information directly from spirit and telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis become possible. On this plane, we have learned to go with the flow and let Source work through us to create miracles.

There is no need to be right in 5D, as there is no ego. Our ego has transcended into a free spirit and is working hand in hand with body and soul. We know about their own baggage and journey and do not judge them or blame them but love them unconditionally, as we know they are part of the whole. We know that there is no danger, so we know that there is no need for protection.

We know that our light shines so bright, that it absorbs the darkness automatically. In 5D we live according to the universal energetic laws , knowing that we create what we think. There are no manmade rules or laws, because people fully trust the energetic flow and where it takes and guides them to. There is no need for possessions or status, as there is no competition and nothing to compare.

Everything becomes a sharing. We love ourselves and appreciate our individuality as part of the whole. We know that our needs are always met and we are always taken care of. Gratitude is always present. When we live in 5D permanently we have reached a state of enlightenment. No wonder that it is referred to as heaven on earth. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth.

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  • I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg. Want more energy regularly: Sign up for my newsletter. You want a true change in your life and reality? Learning the language of Energy and embrace your inner child. This is so amazing and so so Clear, i love your articles Vera!

    You know iT just confirms so much of what i Am experiencing and understanding now. I seem to be in the limbo right now…. I have regressed quite a bit completely unknowingly, until the fatigue has disabled me and depression and pain started to kick in again. Thank you for the reminders… I do feel everyone with love andgratitude, but have been ignoring myself until recently.

    I am starting to realign with my heart and intuition and am starting to feel lighter everyday! This article was perfect timing, just like everything is! Thanks again, much love and hugs! Actually I watched a program series last year based on total science. All very similar but obviously focused on time, relativity and the flow of energy. Also this all relates to what Lorna Byrne has been writing about — how we are all a part of god children of god and his light is part of each of us. God she says wants us to choose love and ascend to him in all the ways which have been described by Vera.

    Also best friend has been experiencing so much of what she has described and we all know her to be spiritual. I did not want to come back to this one!

    Services & Support

    You will be there too when you die whether you want to or not. For everything else, we have the choice to believe or not. As for believing whether or not your soul and spirit lives on after you die, you will find out for yourself. We are the creators of our own lives and realities. Because right now the whole world is slowly accending to the fifth dimension. Research what you read here, you will know its not fake then. Evidence is pure physical…. No matter who you are……continuos evolution of your soul is a non stop adventure.

    Hi Vera, thank you for your article. May I have your email address please. I take pictures of the 5th dimension on a daily basis and would like to share. This has changed my whole life and it made sense reading your article. This is all very new to me…what do u mean pictures…. Thank you for this, I have read this and it has explained to me where I was finding it hard to find the words to use.

    I feel I have now moved into 5d and am finding it so wonderful but also difficult to relate to my family and friends who are still in 3d. Now I know what I feel is right not that I ever questioned it, but others did. Thank you for confirming I am totally normal. You are not in 5D if you are still surrounded by people who think you are crazy. Any experience of 5D if you are not physically there is simply your mindset remembering 5D. I have just realised that not all people experience life as I do.

    So where I used to explain things, now I keep things quiet as I have realised that some people cannot relate to how I see and feel things and think differently to me. Since writing my comment over a year ago, some now understand what I was saying. Hi I feel exactly the same! I am super new to this entire concept and embrace and believe it entirely down to my core.

    But surely drinking is fine if it is done out of love, and not for fear. I have a question regarding this sentence in the article: It is a co-existence in the same space but on different frequency levels in different dimensions Therefore with regards to rejection: Feeling rejected is a fear frequency related to the fear of not being good enough that does not exist in 5D. It is social conditioning based on your life experience, that is simply mirrored back to you by these people because they resonate that frequency in you.

    So here they DO resonate with you, just as you are with them — because you share the same fear frequency. That is something also high frequency people have to deal with in order to be able to fully anchor in 5D. I love this article as it made things so much clearer for me! I had a near death experience and when I came back I had no fear! That was a challenge for many years as it was mixed with the feeling of not wanting to be here either after experiencing the 5D plain!

    And You can give all this to others, whitout needing something in return. What do you think about this idea? I met my twin flame in I just confessed my reason for running it was due to fear. He is aware now. But, this year after purging all my fear I just started having very intense dreams.

    My first couple were with dreamwalkers and it was a nightmare. I had to buy comphor to help me with anxiety attacks. Now, is a lot easy for me to move from the 4d and 5d. But, I have an obstacle I asked a creature about my twin and I want to bring him here, they advice no, and the reason BC he is not ready as it shall do him harm at this time.